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Earning a master’s through Progressive Degrees is offered exclusively to USC undergraduates.  It’s an ideal option if you want a competitive edge in admission to law, medical, or other professional schools; or you’d like to explore an academic path related to your bachelor’s degree (i.e., areas like aging, diplomacy, media and communication, globalization, or professional writing); or you’re on a career path where a master’s degree might prove crucial (i.e., in engineering, health professions, or accounting). Whatever the reason, a Progressive Degree allows you to pursue your passions and deepen your knowledge in an area you find exciting!

A progressive master’s degree need not be in the same department as your bachelor’s degree but should be in a similar field of study.  Other great features of the Progressive Degree program: your application for admission is free, you’ll enjoy a streamlined admission process that doesn’t require taking the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), and departments may reduce the number of units required for the master’s by up to one-third based on completion of appropriate undergraduate coursework.  For a list of all graduate degrees currently awarded at USC, alphabetized by school, click here.


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