Research Highlights


Arousal-biased competition
A new theory addresses why arousal sometimes enhances and sometimes impairs memory for neutral information. PDF


Frontopolar regions help update emotional memories...
...while the amygdala may work to maintain original emotional memories at the cost of updating them. PDF

In Press Papers

Barber, S. J., & Mather, M. (in press). How retellings shape younger and older adults' memories. Journal of Cognitive Psychology. PDF

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Lee, T. H., Baek, J., Lu, Z.L., & Mather, M. (in press). How arousal modulates the visual contrast sensitivity function. Emotion. PDF

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Sutherland, M.R., & Mather, M. (in press). Negative arousal increases the effects of stimulus salience in older adults Experimental Aging Research. PDF

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