Research Highlights


GANE Model
Proposes that local interactions of norepinephine and glutamate can explain emotional arousal's apparently contradictory effects. PDF


When amnesia flips to enhancement
Emotion strengthens high-priority memory traces but weakens low-priority memory traces. PDF

In Press Papers

Hirst, W., Phelps, E. A., Meksin, R., Vaidya, C. J., Johnson, M. K., Mitchell, K. J., Buckner, R. L., Budson, A. E., Gabrieli, J. D. E., Lustig, C., Mather, M., Ochsner, K. N., Schacter, D., Simons, J. S., Lyle, K. B., Cuc, A. F., Olsson, A. (in press). A ten-year follow-up of a study of memory for the attack of September 11, 2001: Flashbulb memories and memories for flashbulb events. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

Martins, B., & Mather, M. (in press). Default mode network and later-life emotion regulation: Linking functional connectivity patterns and emotional outcomes. In A. D. Ong & C. E. Löckenhoff, Emotion, Aging, and Health.

Mather, M. (in press). The affective neuroscience of aging. Annual Review of Psychology, 67. PDF

Mather, M., Clewett, D., Sakaki, M., & Harley, C. W. (in press). Norepinephrine ignites local hot spots of neuronal excitation: How arousal amplifies selectivity in perception and memory. Behavioral and Brain Sciences. PDF

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