Guidelines for Submission

Updated October 6, 2015

Step 1 - Before You Defend

Finalize your committee

Create a profile in Thesis Center

**Ph.D. students only**: Complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED). You are only required to complete the first section. Save a PDF of the completion certificate. The survey is available here:


Step 2 - Generate the Approval to Submit Form

Beginning 24 hours before your defense, you may go to the Checklist page in Thesis Center to generate the electronic Approval to Submit form. Your action will prompt Thesis Center to send an email containing a link to the form to all of your committee members.

Your committee members must indicate their approval by the Checklist Submission Deadline.


Step 3 - Defend Your Dissertation or Thesis

NOTE: No further changes to the manuscript are allowed, with the exception of revisions to the formatting required by the Thesis Coordinator.


Step 4 - Complete the Checklist

In order for you to submit your thesis or dissertation, the following items must be complete on the Checklist page in Thesis Center by the Checklist Submission Deadline:

Once the expected term of degree conferral has commenced, the Thesis Coordinator will verify the Checklist. Normally, this takes 2-3 business days.

After verification, you will receive an email confirmation that the manuscript may be uploaded. The subject will read: "Upload Thesis/Dissertation to USC Graduate School".

NOTE: submissions made past the deadline will not be processed until the beginning of the following semester.


Step 5 - Submit Your Manuscript


Step 6 - Make Formatting Changes


Step 7 - Finalize Publishing Information

Monitor your email for a message from the USC Digital Library. You will confirm the thesis or dissertation publishing information with the USC Digital Library. At this point, you will be able to upload any necessary supplemental media files to accompany the PDF thesis or dissertation manuscript. This is the final step required for degree conferral.

The degree will normally be officially posted within one month.

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