ANSC 100 Image Library
Ray, Man, (Emanuel Rabinovitch)

Self-Portrait-Solarized, Ray, c. 1920

The Gift (Le Cadeau), Ray, 1921 original (1940¹s replica)

Duchamp as Rrose Sélavy, Ray, c. 1920-21

Rayograph, Ray, 1922

Ingres¹ Violin (Le Violin d¹Ingres), Ray, 1924

Black and White (Noire et Blanche), Ray, 1926

The Primacy of Matter over Thought, Ray, 1929

Anatomies, Ray, c. 1930

Veiled Erotic Meret Oppenheim (Erotique Voilée), Ray, 1933

Portrait of Meret Oppenheim (Erotique Voilée), Ray, 1933

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