ANSC 100 Image Library

Wall painting, Pompeii, Unknown, 1st century AD

Chartres Cathedral (sculpture of central portal), Unknown, 1145-1170

Chartres Cathedral, Old Testmanet figures from north transept, Unknown, 1145-1170

Chartres Cathedral (nave vaulting), Unknown, 1194-1220

Chartres Cathedral (piers of transept), Unknown, 1194-1220

Chartres Cathedral (floor plan), Unknown, 1194-1220

Chartres Cathedral (aerial view), Unknown, 1145-1220

First Published Illustration of Camera Obscura, Unknown, 1544

Portable Camera Obscura, Unknown, 1646

Medal showing St. Peterıs Square with third wing in Ellipsis, Unknown, 17th century

Table Camera Obscura, Unknown, 1769

Camera Lucida, Unknown, 1807

Portrait of Cardinal dıAmboise, Unknown, 1826

George Eastman with Kodak, Unknown, 1888-1932

Daguerreotype (taken apart), Unknown, 1837

Daguerreotype (with Case), Unknown, 1840

Female Nude Undressing, Unknown, c. 1850

Stereograph Cards, Unknown, 1870

Photographic Equipment: Stereoscope, Unknown, 1870

Armory Show: Main Gallery View, Unknown, 1913

Armory Show: View, Unknown, 1913

Portrait of George Eastman, Unknown, 1884-1932

Victory Stele of Naram-Sin, Unknown, BC c. 2300-2200

Doryphoros, Polyclitus, BC c. 450-440

Kritios Boy, Unknown, BC c. 480

Kouros from Anavysos, Unknown, BC c. 540-515

Kouros from Tenea, Unknown, BC c. 570

Standing Youth (Kouros), Unknown, BC c. 600

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