ANSC 100 Image Library

The Lion Hunt, Rubens, 1617-1618

The Nightmare, Fuseli, 1781-1782

Ghost of a Flea, Blake, c. 1819

The Horse Fair, Bonheur, 1853

Sheep and Cattle, Troyon, 1850s

The Smiling Spider, Redon, 1881

Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash, Balla, 1912

Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash, Balla, 1912

The Fate of the Animals, Marc, 1913

Birds in an Aquarium, Arp, c. 1920

The Elephant Celebes, Ernst, 1921

The Tilled Field, Miro, 1923-1924

The Harlequin's Carnival, Miro, 1924-1925

Carcass of Beef, Soutine, 1925

Dog Barking at Moon, Miro, 1926

Circus, Calder, 1926

Bird in Space, Brancusi, 1940

The Cow with the Subtile Nose, Dubuffet, 1954

Monogram, Rauschenberg, 1955-1959

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