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Architecture (in the work)

Medal showing St. Peter╣s Square with third wing in Ellipsis, Unknown, 17th century

View of the Flavian Amphitheater, Colosseum, Piranesi, c. 1760

The Artist Moved by the Grandeur of Ancient Ruins, Fuseli, 1778-79

A Wall in Naples, Jones, c. 1782

Salisbury Cathedral, Constable, 1823

Diorama of Inauguration of Salomon╣s Temple (study for), Daguerre, 1836

View From the Courtyard, Niepce, 1837

Cloisters, Lacock Abbey, Talbot, 1843

Cloisters, Lacock Abbey, Talbot, 1843

Upper Egypt and Ethiopia: Temple of Abu Simbel, Frith, c. 1855

Houses in Provence, CÚzanne, c. 1880

Rouen Cathedral, Monet, 1894

Rouen Cathedral Facade in Sunlight, Monet, 1894

Flatiron, Steichen, 1907

La Roche-Guyon, Braque, 1909

Chateau de La Roche-Guyon, Braque, 1909

City of Ambition, Stieglitz, 1910

The Red Tower, Delaunay, 1911-1912

The Nostalgia of the Infinite, de Chirico, 1913-1914? (dated 1911)

Flatiron Building, Abbott, c. 1920

New York Interpreted V: The Bridge, Stella, 1922

Brooklyn Bridge: Night, Stella, 1922

House on Myasnicka Street, Rodchenko, 1925

My Egypt, Demuth, 1927

River Rouge Plant Power House, Sheeler, 1927

River Rouge Plant, Sheeler, 1932

The Beanery, Kienholz, 1965

The Beanery (detail), Kienholz, 1965

The Beanery, Kienholz, 1965

Winding Tower 1920, Becher, 1967

Roxy, Cottingham, 1972

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