ANSC 100 Image Library

Wooded Landscape with Figures and Cattle, van Ruisdael, c. 1657

The Jewish Cemetery at Oudekerk, van Ruisdael, 1655-1660

Views of Rome (Veduti de Roma): Frontispiece, Piranesi, c. 1760

Yarmouth Fort, Morland, 1803

Cloister Graveyard in the Snow, Friedrich, 1810

The Oxbow (Connecticut River near Northampton), Cole, 1836

Storm Clouds, Berkshires, Inness, 1847

Jura Landscape, Courbet , c. 1850

Ohashi Bridge and Ataka in Sudden Downpour, Hiroshige, 1857

The Harbor at l¹ Orient, Morisot, 1869

Impression: Sunrise, Monet, 1872

Pont de l¹Europe, Caillebotte, 1876

A Stream in the Rocky Mountains, Bierstadt, 1882

Meadow with Haystacks, Monet, 1885

Boston Common at Twilight, Hassam, 1885-86

Landscape Near Montmajour, van Gogh, 1888

Wheatfield with Crows, van Gogh, 1890

Port of Gravelines Channel, Seurat, 1890

Washington Arch in Spring, Hassam, 1890

Les Alpilles, van Gogh, 1890

Haystacks on a Foggy Morning, Monet, 1891

Two Haystacks, Monet, 1891

Haystack at Sunrise Near Giverny, Monet, 1891

Poplars, Monet, 1891

The Voice, Munch, 1893

Saint-Victoire, Cézanne, 1896-98

The Pool, Steichen, 1899

Snow in New York, Henri, 1902

Mont Ste-Victoire (Version 2), Cézanne, 1906

Mont Ste-Victoire (Version 1), Cézanne, 1904-1906

The Turning Road, L'Estaque, Derain, 1906

Landscape at La Ciotat, Braque, 1907

Couple Riding a Horse, Kandinsky, 1907

Houses at L¹Estaque, Braque, 1908

Landscape Near Murnau with Locomotive, Kandinsky, 1909

The Dream (La Reve), Rousseau, 1910

Composition 4 , Kandinsky, 1911

Green Forest, Goncharova, c. 1912

Battle of Lights, Coney Island, Stella, 1914

Blue LInes, O¹Keeffe, 1916

Landscape, New Mexico, Hartley, 1920

Thunderstorm, Dove, 1917-20

The Farm, Miro, 1921-1922

View of Ceret, Soutine, 1922

Forest, Ernst, 1926

East River, New York No. 2, O¹Keeffe, 1927

The Persistence of Memory, Dali, 1931

Classic Landscape, Sheeler, 1931

Apparition of a Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach, Dali, 1938

Garden in Sochi, Gorky, 1941

Europe After the Rain, Ernst, 1940-1942

Mount Williamson: Clearing Storm, Adams, 1944

Winter Sunrise: Sierra Nevada from Lone Pine, Adams, 1944

Autumn Rhythm, Pollock, 1950

Hudson River Landscape, Smith, 1951

Mountains and Sea, Frankenthaler, 1952

Painting of the Precious Fires, Cucchi, 1983

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