ANSC 100 Image Library

A Hunt in the Forest, Uccello, c. 1460

The Orgy (from The Rake¹s Progress), Hogarth, 1733-34

The Gaming House (from The Rake¹s Progress), Hogarth, 1733-34

The Swing, Fragonard, 1766

Ragattas at Argenteuil, Monet, c. 1872

The Loge, Renoir, 1874

Summer Day, Morisot, c. 1875

Absinthe, Degas, 1876

In the Conservatory, Manet, 1879

The Luncheon of the Boating Party, Renoir, 1880-1881

Grand Prix Day, Hassam, 1887

The Circus, Seurat, c.1890

In a Garden, Tarbell, 1890

The Englishman at the Moulin Rouge, de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1892

Both Members of This Club, Bellows, 1907

Soda, Braque, 1911

The Cardplayers, Léger, 1917

Three Musicians, Picasso, 1921

Three Women (Le Grand Déjeuner), Léger, 1921

The Swimming Pool , Matisse, 1952-1953

A Bigger Splash, Hockney, 1967

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