ANSC 100 Image Library
New Testament

The Annunciation, Leonardo, c. 1472

Isenheim Altarpiece: Resurrection and Annunciation, Grünewald, c. 1515

Isenheim Altarpiece: Lamentation , Grünewald, c. 1515

Isenheim Altarpiece: Annunciation (detail of angel), Grünewald, c. 1515

The Four Apostles, Dürer, 1526

Calling of St. Matthew, Caravaggio, 1599-1600

Death of the Virgin, Caravaggio, 1605-06

Antwerp Altarpiece, Triptych Center: Raising of the Cross , Rubens, 1610-11

Antwerp Altarpiece: Triptych, Rubens, 1610-1611

Antwerp Altarpiece, Triptych: The Deposition, Rubens, 1611-1614

Antwerp Altarpiece, Triptych Center: Descent from the Cross, Rubens, 1611-1614

St. John the Baptist in the Wilderness, Rosa, c. 1640

The Penitent Magdalen, de La Tour, c. 1640

The Three Crosses, Rembrandt, 1653

The Calling of St. Matthew, de Pareja, 1661

The Crucifixion, Day, 1898

Annunciation, Goncharova, c. 1909

Little Pleasures, Kandinsky, 1913

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