ANSC 100 Image Library
Still life

Basket of Fruit, Caravaggio, c. 1600-1601

Still Life with Tobacco, Wine, and Pocket Watch, Heda, 1637

Still Life with Book and Purse, Dou, 1647

Still Life with a Nautilus Cup, Kalf, 1662

Still Life in Studio, Daguerre, 1837

The Egg, Redon, 1885

The Basket of Apples, CÚzanne, c. 1895

Apples and Oranges, CÚzanne, 1895-1900

Apples, Bottle and the Back of a Chair, CÚzanne, 1902-1906

Still Life with Violin and Pitcher, Braque, 1909-10

Guitar and Flowers, Gris, 1912

Violin, Picasso, 1912

Still Life with Chair Caning, Picasso, 1912

Cow and Violin, Malevich, 1912-13

Guitar, Picasso, 1913

The Bottle of Rum, Braque, 1914

Still-Life (Fantomas), Gris, 1915

Handsome Drinks, Hartley, 1916

Lucky Strike, Davis, 1921

Le Gueridon, Braque, 1921-1922

Still-Life with Old Shoe, Miro, 1937

Cubist Still Life, Lichtenstein, 1974

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