ANSC 100 Image Library

Torso of Belvedere (Apollonius of Athens), Anonymous, 1st cent. B.C.

David, Michelangelo, 1501-1504

David, Bernini, 1623

Apollo and Daphne, Bernini, 1624

Ecstacy of St. Teresa, Bernini, 1645-52

Scala Regia (St. Peteršs Basilica), Bernini, 1663-1666

Apollo Attended by Nymphs (Versailles Park), Girardon, c. 1666-1672

Ugolino and His Children, Carpeaux, 1865-1867

Gates of Hell, Fugit Amor, Rodin, 1885-1887

Doryphoros, Polyclitus, BC c. 450-440

Kritios Boy, Unknown, BC c. 480

Kouros from Anavysos, Unknown, BC c. 540-515

Kouros from Tenea, Unknown, BC c. 570

Standing Youth (Kouros), Unknown, BC c. 600

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