ANSC 100 Image Library
Mixed media

The Artist Moved by the Grandeur of Ancient Ruins, Fuseli, 1778-79

Ariadne Watching the Struggle of Theseus with the Minotaur, Fuseli, c. 1780

Landscape Near Montmajour, van Gogh, 1888

Aria of Bach, Braque, 1913

The Bottle of Rum, Braque, 1914

Daum Marries Her Pedantic Automaton George in May 1920; John Heartfield Is Very Glad of It, Grosz, 1920

Proun Space, Lissitzky, 1923 (1965 reconstruction of original)

Suspended Ball, Giacometti, 1930-1931

Large Composition with Masks, Matisse, 1953

Flag, Johns, 1954

Bed, Rauschenberg, 1955

Target with Plaster Casts, Johns, 1955

Factum II, Rauschenberg, 1957

President Elect, Rosenquist, 1960

Field Painting, Johns, 1964

The State Hospital, Kienholz, 1966

Shoubeegi (Indian Birds), Stella, Frank, 1978

The Dinner Party, Chicago, Judy, 1979

Street Leaf (From Mayaguez), Wilmarth, 1978-1986

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