ANSC 100 Image Library

Medal showing St. Peteršs Square with third wing in Ellipsis, Unknown, 17th century

The Kiss, Brancusi, 1908

Bicycle Wheel Ready-made, Duchamp, 1913

Lines of Force of Boccionišs Fist II, Balla, 1915

Corner Relief, Tatlin, 1915

Fountain, Duchamp, 1917

Mlle. Pogany (Version II), Brancusi, 1919

Merzbild 25 A, Das Sternenbild, Schwitters, 1920

The Gift (Le Cadeau), Ray, 1921 original (1940šs replica)

Rotary Demisphere, Duchamp, 1925

Circus, Calder, 1926

A View of the Hanover Merzbau With Gold Grotto, Schwitters, c. 1930

Disagreeable Object (To Be Disposed of), Giacometti, 1931

The Palace at 4 AM, Giacometti, 1933

Italy in Arms, Marini, 1933

Propaganda for War (Medals for Dishonor Series), Smith, 1939-1940

Bird in Space, Brancusi, 1940

Blackburn: Song of an Irish Blacksmith, Smith, 1949-1950

Blackburn: Song of an Irish Backsmith, Smith, 1949-1950

Hudson River Landscape, Smith, 1951

Tanktotem II (Sounding), Smith, 1952

Agricola VIII, Smith, 1952

Pepsi-Cola, Oldenburg, 1961

Ice Cream Cone, Oldenburg, 1962

Back Seat Dodge Œ38, Kienholz, 1964

XIX, Smith, 1964

The Beanery, Kienholz, 1965

The Beanery, Kienholz, 1965

The Beanery (detail), Kienholz, 1965

Untitled, Judd, 1969

64 Pieces of Copper, Andre, 1969

Untitled, Judd, 1969

Clothespin, Philadelphia, Oldenburg, 1976

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