ANSC 100 Image Library

The Scream, Munch, 1893

The Voice, Munch, 1893

Madonna, Munch, 1894-1895

Puberty, Munch, 1894-1895

Death in the Sickroom, Munch, 1895

Portrait of Adolf Loos, Kokoschka, 1909

The Fate of the Animals, Marc, 1913

The Tempest (The Bride of the Wind), Kokoschka, 1914

Self-Portrait as Soldier, Kirchner, 1915

The Night, Beckmann, 1918-1919

View of Ceret, Soutine, 1922

The Red Cocotte, Kirchner, 1914-1925

Carcass of Beef, Soutine, 1925

Study After Velasquez¹s Portrait of Pope Innocent X, Bacon, 1953

The Great Friends, Baselitz, 1965

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