ANSC 100 Image Library

Etruscan Room, Osterley Park House, Adam, 1761-

The Village Bride, Greuze, 1761

The Broken Pitcher, Greuze, 1763

The Death of Wolfe, West, 1771

The Oath of the Horatii, David, 1784

The Death of Socrates, David, 1787

The Death of Marat, David, 1793

Napoleon on the Bridge at Arcole, 17 Nov. 1796, Gros, 1796

Napoleon at the Great St. Bernard Pass, David, 1800

Napoleon in the Pesthouse at Jaffa, Gros, 1804

Jupiter and Thetis, Ingres, 1811

The Apotheosis of Homer, Ingres, 1827

Portrait of Louis-Francois Bertin, Ingres, 1832

Study for the Portrait of Louis-Francois Bertin, Ingres, 1832

Madame Moitessier, Ingres, 1851

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