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Ken Moody, Mapplethorpe, 1984
Keyhole, Murray, Elizabeth, 1982
The Kiss, Klimt, 1907-08
The Kiss, Brancusi, 1908
Kouros from Anavysos, Unknown, BC c. 540-515
Kritios Boy, Unknown, BC c. 480
Kouros from Tenea, Unknown, BC c. 570
L.H.O.O.Q., Duchamp, 1919
La Cienega Corridor Series: Between Melrose and Beverly, Flick, 1989
La Fille Nee Sans Mere, Picabia, 1916-1917
The Lacemaker, Vermeer, 1670-1671
Lady With a Lute, Dewing, 1886
Lady Writing a Letter, with Her Maid, Vermeer, c. 1670
Laminaria Saccharina, Atkins, 1843
Landscape Near Montmajour, van Gogh, 1888
Landscape Near Murnau with Locomotive, Kandinsky, 1909
Landscape at La Ciotat, Braque, 1907
Landscape with the Burial of Phocion, Poussin, 1648
Landscape, New Mexico, Hartley, 1920
Large Bathers, Cézanne, 1899-1906
Large Composition with Masks, Matisse, 1953
Las Meninas ( The Maids of Honor ), Velazquez, 1656
The Last Supper , Leonardo, c. 1495-1498
The Laugh, Boccioni, 1911
The Laughing Cavalier, Hals, 1624
Laughing Child, Henri, 1907
Lavender Mist Number 1, Pollock, 1950
Study: Le Pont de l¹Europe, Caillebotte, 1876
Liberty Leading the People, Delacroix, 1830
Light Coming on the Plains III, O¹Keeffe, 1917
Lightning Field, de Maria, 1971-1977
Lines of Force of Boccioni¹s Fist II, Balla, 1915
The Lion Hunt, Rubens, 1617-1618
Little Big Painting, Lichtenstein, 1965
Little Pleasures, Kandinsky, 1913
The Liver Is the Cock¹s Comb, Gorky, 1944
Liz Taylor, Warhol, 1964
The Loge, Renoir, 1874
The Loom, van Gogh, 1883-1885
Los Borrachos (The Drinkers), Velazquez, c. 1629
Louvre (west facade of Square Court ), Lescot, 1546-
Love Victorious, Caravaggio, c. 1600
Lucky Strike, Davis, 1921
Lugubrious Game, Dali, 1929
The Luncheon of the Boating Party, Renoir, 1880-1881
Luncheon on the Grass (Le Déjeuner sur l¹herbe), Manet, 1863
Luxe, Calme, et Volupte, Matisse, 1904-1905
Lydia Reading the Morning Paper, No. 1, Cassatt, 1878
Ma Jolie (Woman with a Guitar), Picasso, Winter 1911-12
Madame Matisse (The Green Line), Matisse, 1905
Madame Moitessier, Ingres, 1851
The Madhouse (from The Rake¹s Progress), Hogarth, 1733-34
Madonna, Munch, 1894-1895
Mahoning, Kline, 1956
Malle Babbe (The Witch of Haarlem), Hals, 1630-33
Man Drawing a Lute , Dürer, 1525
Mappa Mundi (Map of the World), Ebstorf, 13 century
Marcel Duchamp as Rrose Sélavy, Duchamp, 1920-21
Marilyn Monroe, De Kooning, 1954
Marilyn Monroe, Warhol, 1962
The Marriage (from The Rake¹s Progress), Hogarth, 1733-34
The Masks Grow to Us, Laughlin, 1947
Massilia, Greek Colony, Puvis de Chavannes, 1869
The Master Bedroom, Fischl, 1983
Meadow with Haystacks, Monet, 1885
Melancholy and Mystery of a Street, de Chirico, 1914
The Mellow Pad, Davis, 1945-1951
Meltdown Morning, Jenney, 1975
Men Wrestling, Muybridge, c. 1887
The Menaced Assassin, Magritte, 1926
Mennonite Preacher, Rembrandt, 1641
Mercury Passing in Front of the Sun, Balla, 1914
Merz 410: "Irgendsowas", Schwitters, 1922
Merzbild 25 A, Das Sternenbild, Schwitters, 1920
Metamorphosis of Narcissus, Dali, 1937
Metropolis, Grosz, 1917
Michelangelo in His Studio, Gerome, 1849
The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, Wood, 1931
À la Mie, de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1891
Millions Stand Behind Me, Heartfield, 1932
Mlle. Pogany (Version II), Brancusi, 1919
A Modern Olympia, Cézanne, 1872-1874
Mona Lisa, Leonardo, c. 1503-1505
Monet Working in his Boat, Manet, 1874
Monogram, Rauschenberg, 1955-1959
Mont Ste-Victoire (Version 1), Cézanne, 1904-1906
Mont Ste-Victoire (Version 2), Cézanne, 1906
Monument to the Third International, Tatlin, 1919
Morning Glory with Black, O¹Keeffe, 1926
Mother and Sister of the Artist, Morisot, 1869-70
Motion Study: Thomas Eakins Nude, Eakins, 1884 or 1885
At the Moulin Rouge, de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1892-1895
Mount Williamson: Clearing Storm, Adams, 1944
Mountains and Sea, Frankenthaler, 1952
Movement #2 Related to Downtown New York (Black Sun), Marin, 1926
Mr. Mathew Brady, Veteran, Brady, c. 1860
Mrs. Burroughs, Gainsborough, 1769
Mural for Radio Station WNYC Municipal Building, Davis, c. 1939
Murdering Airplane, Ernst, 1920
Music (decorative panel), Matisse, 1910
Music: Pink and Blue, No. 1, O¹Keeffe, 1919
Mussolini's Blackshirts, 15 April 1919, Prampolini, 1933
My Egypt, Demuth, 1927

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