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Week 04 Images

The Deposition, Caravaggio
Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride, van Eyck, 1434
Bacchus, Caravaggio, c. 1597
Calling of St. Matthew, Caravaggio, 1599-1600
Love Victorious, Caravaggio, c. 1600
Basket of Fruit, Caravaggio, c. 1600-1601
Ceiling decoration of Farnese palace, Carracci, 1597-1601
Flaying of Marsyas (detail of Farnese palace ceiling), Carracci, 1597-1603
Farnese Palace ceiling frescoes, Carracci, 1597-1603
Polyphemus and trompe-lıoeil sculpture (Farnese palace), Carracci, 1597-1603
Death of the Virgin, Caravaggio, 1605-06
Venus Wounded by a Thorn, Rubens, c. 1600-1608
Susanna and the Elders, Gentileschi, 1610
The Garden of Love, Rubens, c. 1610
Antwerp Altarpiece, Triptych Center: Raising of the Cross , Rubens, 1610-11
Antwerp Altarpiece: Triptych, Rubens, 1610-1611
Antwerp Altarpiece, Triptych: The Deposition, Rubens, 1611-1614
Aurora, Reni, 1613-1614
Antwerp Altarpiece, Triptych Center: Descent from the Cross, Rubens, 1611-1614
Saint Peterıs Basilica (facade), Maderna, 1607-1614
The Abduction of the Daughters of Leucippus (detail), Rubens, c. 1616
The Lion Hunt, Rubens, 1617-1618
Royal Banqueting Hall in Whitehall, London, Jones, 1619-1622
Aurora, Guercino, 1621-23
David, Bernini, 1623
Apollo and Daphne, Bernini, 1624
The Laughing Cavalier, Hals, 1624
Judith and Her Maidservant with the Head of Holofernes, Gentileschi, c. 1625
Judith Beheading Holofernes, Gentileschi, c. 1625
Aerial view of St. Peterıs Basilica (Vatican city), Bernini, 1626
The Artist in his Studio, Rembrandt, c. 1629.
Los Borrachos (The Drinkers), Velazquez, c. 1629
Christ Disputing the Elders, Dou, c. 1630
St. Francis, de Zurbaran, c. 1630-32
The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolas Tulp, Rembrandt, c. 1632
Baldacchino for St. Peterıs Basilica, Bernini, 1624-1633
Malle Babbe (The Witch of Haarlem), Hals, 1630-33
Portrait of Charles of England, van Dyck, c. 1635
Divine Providence (Palazzo Barberini ceiling fresco), Cortona, 1630ıs
Divine Providence (Palazzo Barberini ceiling fresco), Cortona, 1630ıs
Barberini Palace (western view), Maderna , 1628-1635
Divine Providence (Palazzo Barberini ceiling fresco), Cortona, 1630ıs
Palazzo Barberini, Bernini, 1630ıs
Susanna and the Elders, Rembrandt, 1636
Rape of the Sabine Women, Poussin, c. 1637
Queen Henrietta Maria of England, van Dyck, c. 1637
Still Life with Tobacco, Wine, and Pocket Watch, Heda, 1637
Barberini Palace (plan of first floor), Maderna , 1628-1638
Orléans Wing, Chateau de Blois, Mansart, 1635-38
St. John the Baptist in the Wilderness, Rosa, c. 1640
The Penitent Magdalen, de La Tour, c. 1640
Mennonite Preacher, Rembrandt, 1641
Plan of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, Borromini, 1638-1641
Family Group, van Dalem, 1643
Portable Camera Obscura, Unknown, 1646
Still Life with Book and Purse, Dou, 1647
Embarkation of the Queen of Sheba, Lorraine, 1648
The Roke by Venus (Venus with a mirror), Velazquez, 1644-1648
Landscape with the Burial of Phocion, Poussin, 1648
Juan de Pareja, Velazquez, 1649
School at Recess Time, Steen, c. 1650
Christ Preaching (³La Petite Tombe²), Rembrandt, c. 1652
Santa Maria della Vittoria: Cornaro Chapel, Bernini, 1645-52 (18th Century painting)
Santa Maria della Vittoria: Cornaro Chapel, Bernini, 1645-1652 (18th Century painting )
Ecstacy of St. Teresa, Bernini, 1645-52
Santa Maria della Vittoria: Cornaro Chapel (figures in loge), Bernini, 1645-1652
The Three Crosses, Rembrandt, 1653
Et in Arcadia Ego, Poussin, c. 1655
Las Meninas ( The Maids of Honor ), Velazquez, 1656
Wooded Landscape with Figures and Cattle, van Ruisdael, c. 1657
Plan of St. Peterıs Basilica with adjoining piazza, Bernini, 1657-
Medal showing St. Peterıs Square with third wing in Ellipsis, Unknown, 17th century
St. Bavo Church: Interior, Saenredam, 1660
The Jewish Cemetery at Oudekerk, van Ruisdael, 1655-1660
Officer and a Laughing Girl, Vermeer, 1658-60
The Calling of St. Matthew, de Pareja, 1661
Still Life with a Nautilus Cup, Kalf, 1662
Woman Holding a Balance (Weighing Gold/Pearls), Vermeer, c. 1664
Self -portrait, Rembrandt, c. 1665
Scala Regia (St. Peterıs Basilica), Bernini, 1663-1666
Plan of the Scala Regia (St. Peterıs Basilica), Bernini, 1663-1666
Cathedra Petri (St. Peterıs Basilica), Bernini, 1656-1666
Façade (colonade) of St Peterıs Basilica, Bernini, 1657-1667
Portrait of a Lady, de Bray, 1667
Lady Writing a Letter, with Her Maid, Vermeer, c. 1670
The Lacemaker, Vermeer, 1670-1671
Apollo Attended by Nymphs (Versailles Park), Girardon, c. 1666-1672
San Carlo Alle Quattro Fontane, Borromini, 1665-1676
Façade of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, Borromini, 1665-1676
Triumph of the Name of Jesus: Ceiling of Il Gesù, Gaulli, 1674-79
Triumph of the Name of Jesus (detail): Ceiling of Il Gesù, Gaulli, 1672-85
Pallace of Versailles: Plan of Rooms, Le Vau, c. 1669-1685
Versailles palace: Entrance Courtyard, Mansart, c. 1669-85
Versailles palace: Hall of Mirrors (Salon des Glaces), Mansart, c. 1669-85
Portrait of Louis XIV, Rigaud, 1701
Saint Paulıs Cathedral, Wren, 1675-1710
St. Paulıs Cathedral (plan, as executed), Wren, 1710 (completed)
St. Paulıs Cathedral (new), Wren, 1675-1710
St. Paulıs Cathedral (nave interior ), Wren, 1675-1710
Return From Cythera, Watteau, 1717-1719
Villa Reale Stupinigi, Juvarra, 1729
The Gaming House (from The Rakeıs Progress), Hogarth, 1733-34
The Heir (from The Rakeıs Progress), Hogarth, 1733-34
The Prison (from The Rakeıs Progress), Hogarth, 1733-34
The Madhouse (from The Rakeıs Progress), Hogarth, 1733-34
The Marriage (from The Rakeıs Progress), Hogarth, 1733-34
The Orgy (from The Rakeıs Progress), Hogarth, 1733-34
The Arrest (from The Rakeıs Progress), Hogarth, 1733-34
Thomas Robert Andrews and His Wife Mary, Gainsborough, c. 1748
Cupid a Captive, Boucher, 1754
Views of Rome (Veduti de Roma): Frontispiece, Piranesi, c. 1760
View of the Flavian Amphitheater, Colosseum, Piranesi, c. 1760
The Village Bride, Greuze, 1761
Etruscan Room, Osterley Park House, Adam, 1761-
The Broken Pitcher, Greuze, 1763
The Swing, Fragonard, 1766
Arthur Maister, Cotes, 1764-1766
Mrs. Burroughs, Gainsborough, 1769
Table Camera Obscura, Unknown, 1769
The Death of Wolfe, West, 1771
The Cope Family, Zoffany, c.1775
The Artist Moved by the Grandeur of Ancient Ruins, Fuseli, 1778-79
Ariadne Watching the Struggle of Theseus with the Minotaur, Fuseli, c. 1780
The Nightmare, Fuseli, 1781-1782
A Wall in Naples, Jones, c. 1782
The Oath of the Horatii, David, 1784
The Death of Socrates, David, 1787
The Death of Marat, David, 1793
Napoleon on the Bridge at Arcole, 17 Nov. 1796, Gros, 1796
The Family of Charles IV, Goya, 1800
Napoleon at the Great St. Bernard Pass, David, 1800
Yarmouth Fort, Morland, 1803
Napoleon in the Pesthouse at Jaffa, Gros, 1804
The Naked Maja, Goya, 1798-1805
Camera Lucida, Unknown, 1807
Cloister Graveyard in the Snow, Friedrich, 1810
Jupiter and Thetis, Ingres, 1811
The Third of May, 1808, Goya, 1814
Ghost of a Flea, Blake, c. 1819
The Raft of the Medusa, Géricault, 1818-1819
The Hay W ain, Constable, 1821
Salisbury Cathedral, Constable, 1823
Saturn Devouring His Children, Goya, 1819-1823
Portrait of Cardinal dıAmboise, Unknown, 1826
The Woodchopper, Lake Fetherstonhaugh, Cole, 1826
The Death of Sardanapalus, Delacroix, 1826-1827
The Apotheosis of Homer, Ingres, 1827
Liberty Leading the People, Delacroix, 1830
Study for the Portrait of Louis-Francois Bertin, Ingres, 1832
Portrait of Louis-Francois Bertin, Ingres, 1832
George Eastman with Kodak, Unknown, 1888-1932
Burning of the Houses of Parliament, Turner, 1834-1835
The Oxbow (Connecticut River near Northampton), Cole, 1836
View From the Courtyard, Niepce, 1837
Still Life in Studio, Daguerre, 1837
Daguerreotype (taken apart), Unknown, 1837
Three Leaves, Herschel, 1837
Botanical Specimen, Talbot, 1839
Parisian Boulevard, Daguerre, 1839
Fossils, Daguerre, 1839
Daguerreotype (with Case), Unknown, 1840
Self-Portrait as a Drowned Man, Bayard, 1840
The Slave Ship, Turner, 1840
Cloisters, Lacock Abbey, Talbot, 1843
Laminaria Saccharina, Atkins, 1843
Cloisters, Lacock Abbey, Talbot, 1843
Rain, Steam and Speed, Turner, 1844
Portrait of Louis-Jacques Mandé Daguerre, Sabatier-Blot, 1844
The Romans of the Decadence, Couture, 1847
Storm Clouds, Berkshires, Inness, 1847
Early Operation Under Ether, Massachusetts Hospital, Hawes, c. 1847
Female Nude Undressing, Unknown, c. 1850
Madame Moitessier, Ingres, 1851
The Horse Fair, Bonheur, 1853
Academie de lıAlbum Delacroix Reunissant, Durieu, 1853-1854
Photographic study for Delacroixıs ³Odalisque², Durieu, c.1854
Draped Model (back view), Durieu, 1854
Upper Egypt and Ethiopia: Temple of Abu Simbel, Frith, c. 1855
Nadarıs Studio at 35 Boulevard des Capucines, Nadar, c. 1855
Portrait of Walt Whitman, Brady, c. 1855
Odalisque, Delacroix, 1857
Sarah Bernhardt, Nadar, 1859
Mr. Mathew Brady, Veteran, Brady, c. 1860
Portrait of Abraham Lincoln, New York, Feb. 23, Brady, 1861
Portrait of Charles Baudelaire from Album Galerie Contemporaire, Carjat, 1861-1862
President Lincoln at Sharpsburg, Oct. 1862, Brady, 1862
Potrait of William-Henry Fox Talbot, Talbot, c. 1864
The Sentinel, California, Watkins, c, 1863-1865
Dead in the Hole, Brady, 1861-1865
Portrait of Sir John Herschel, Cameron, 1867
Ugolino and His Children, Carpeaux, 1865-1867
Stereograph Cards, Unknown, 1870
Photographic Equipment: Stereoscope, Unknown, 1870
Gareth and Lynette: the Idylls of the King, Cameron, 1875
Self Portrait, Cameron, 1870ıs
Xie Kitchin with Violin, Carroll, 1876
A Stream in the Rocky Mountains, Bierstadt, 1882
Photograph of an Unidentified Model, Eakins, c. 1883
President Ulysses Simpson Grant, Brady, 1868-1885
Motion Study: Thomas Eakins Nude, Eakins, 1884 or 1885
Men Wrestling, Muybridge, c. 1887
Wrestlers (from Animal Locomotion), Muybridge, 1887
Negro Nude, Day, 1897
The Crucifixion, Day, 1898
The Seven Last Words of Christ, Day, 1898-1912

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