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Week 05 Images

Venus of Urbino, Titian, 1538
A Wall in Naples, Jones, c. 1782
Gargantua, Daumier, 1832
Diorama of Inauguration of Salomon¹s Temple (study for), Daguerre, 1836
Early Operation Under Ether, Massachusetts Hospital, Hawes, c. 1847
The Romans of the Decadence, Couture, 1847
The Burial at Ornans, Courbet, 1849
The Stonebreakers, Courbet, 1849
Michelangelo in His Studio, Gerome, 1849
Jura Landscape, Courbet , c. 1850
The Sower, Millet, c. 1850
The Horse Fair, Bonheur, 1853
Sheep and Cattle, Troyon, 1850s
The Studio: A Real Allegory of the Last Seven Years of My Life, Courbet, 1855
Ohashi Bridge and Ataka in Sudden Downpour, Hiroshige, 1857
The Gleaners, Millet, 1857
The Birth of Venus, Cabanel, 1862
The Third-Class Carriage, Daumier, c. 1862
Olympia, Manet, 1863
Luncheon on the Grass (Le Déjeuner sur l¹herbe), Manet, 1863
The Dead Christ with Angels, Manet, 1864
Symphony in White no. 2, Whistler, 1864
The Dead Toreador, Manet, c. 1864
The Execution of Emperor Maxmillian, Manet, 1867
The Slave Market, Gerome, c. 1867
The Harbor at l¹ Orient, Morisot, 1869
Massilia, Greek Colony, Puvis de Chavannes, 1869
The Print Fancier, Daumier, 1869
Mother and Sister of the Artist, Morisot, 1869-70
Train in the Country, Monet, c. 1870
Arrangement in Black and Grey: The Artist¹s Mother, Whistler, 1871
Impression: Sunrise, Monet, 1872
Ragattas at Argenteuil, Monet, c. 1872
Nymphs and Satyr, Bouguereau, 1873
Gare Saint-Lazare, Manet, 1873
Hide and Seek, Morisot, 1873
Monet Working in his Boat, Manet, 1874
The Loge, Renoir, 1874
Argenteuil, Manet, 1874
The Railroad Bridge at Argenteuil, Monet, 1874
Boating, Manet, 1874
A Modern Olympia, Cézanne, 1872-1874
Summer Day, Morisot, c. 1875
La Place de la Concorde, Degas, 1875
Carriages at the Races, Degas, c. 1875
The Dance Class, Degas, 1875-76
Absinthe, Degas, 1876
Pont de l¹Europe, Caillebotte, 1876
The Floor Scrapers, Caillebotte, 1876
Study: Le Pont de l¹Europe, Caillebotte, 1876
Saint-Lazare Train Station, Monet, 1877
Saint-Lazare Station, Monet, 1877
Saint-Lazare Station (The Bridge of Europe), Monet, 1877
The Nurse, Cassatt, 1878
Walking Man, Rodin, 1877-1878
Lydia Reading the Morning Paper, No. 1, Cassatt, 1878
Chez le Pere Lathuille, Manet, 1879
Self-Portrait, Cézanne, c. 1879
In the Conservatory, Manet, 1879
Houses in Provence, Cézanne, c. 1880
The Three Shades, Rodin, 1880
Five O¹Clock Tea, Cassatt, 1880
Boulevard Seen from Above, Caillebotte, 1880
Head of Orpheus Floating on the Waters, Redon, 1881
A Bar at the Folies-Bergère, Manet, 1881
The Smiling Spider, Redon, 1881
The Luncheon of the Boating Party, Renoir, 1880-1881
Daughters of Edward D. Boit, Sargent, 1882
Pygmalion and Galatea, Gerome, 1882
La Danse a la Campagne, Renoir, 1883
Dance in the City, Renoir, 1883
Bathers, Seurat, 1884
The Potato Eaters, van Gogh, 1885
The Loom, van Gogh, 1883-1885
Ballet Seen from Opera Box, Degas, 1885
Meadow with Haystacks, Monet, 1885
The Egg, Redon, 1885
The Tub, Degas, c. 1886
A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, Seurat, 1884-1886
Boston Common at Twilight, Hassam, 1885-86
Lady With a Lute, Dewing, 1886
Gates of Hell, Fugit Amor, Rodin, 1885-1887
Bathers, Renoir, 1884-1887
Grand Prix Day, Hassam, 1887
Burghers of Calais, Rodin, 1886-1887
The Huth Factories at Clichy, van Gogh, 1887
Self-portrait, van Gogh, 1886-1887
Japonaiserie, van Gogh, 1886-88
The Vision After the Sermon: Jacob Wrestling with the Angel, Gauguin, 1888
The Night Cafe, van Gogh, 1888
Landscape Near Montmajour, van Gogh, 1888
The Open Air Breakfast, Chase, 1888
Harlequin, Cézanne, 1888
The Bedroom at Arles, van Gogh, 1888-1889
Self-portrait, Gauguin, 1889
The Starry Night, van Gogh, 1889
Harvest in Brittany, Gauguin, 1889
The Circus, Seurat, c.1890
In a Garden, Tarbell, 1890
The Sower after Millet, van Gogh, 1890
Washington Arch in Spring, Hassam, 1890
Ophelia, Redon, c. 1890
Wheatfield with Crows, van Gogh, 1890
Port of Gravelines Channel, Seurat, 1890
Les Alpilles, van Gogh, 1890
Two Haystacks, Monet, 1891
Poplars, Monet, 1891
Haystack at Sunrise Near Giverny, Monet, 1891
Haystacks on a Foggy Morning, Monet, 1891
Ia Orana Maria, Gauguin, 1891
À la Mie, de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1891
The Englishman at the Moulin Rouge, de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1892
La Goulue with Sister and Dancer, de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1892
Fatata te Miti (By the Sea), Gauguin, 1892
Spirit of the Dead Watching, Gauguin, 1893
Rouen Cathedral, Monet, 1894
Annah, the Javanese, Gauguin, 1893-1894
Rouen Cathedral Facade in Sunlight, Monet, 1894
A Friendly Call, Chase, 1895
The Female Clown, de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1895
The Basket of Apples, Cézanne, c. 1895
At the Moulin Rouge, de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1892-1895
Balzac, Rodin, 1897
Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?, Gauguin, 1897
The Sleeping Gypsy, Rousseau, 1897
Saint-Victoire, Cézanne, 1896-98
Blue Nude, Bonnard, 1899
Apples and Oranges, Cézanne, 1895-1900
Judith I (Judith with the Head of Holofernes), Klimt, 1901
Carmelina, Matisse, 1903
The Black Fan, Baxter, Early 20th c.
Edith, Little, Early 20th c.
The Three Ages of Women, Klimt, 1905
Luxe, Calme, et Volupte, Matisse, 1904-1905
Mont Ste-Victoire (Version 2), Cézanne, 1906
Large Bathers, Cézanne, 1899-1906
Apples, Bottle and the Back of a Chair, Cézanne, 1902-1906
Mont Ste-Victoire (Version 1), Cézanne, 1904-1906
The Kiss, Klimt, 1907-08
The Dream (La Reve), Rousseau, 1910
The Dream (La Reve), Rousseau, 1910
Before the Mirror, Dewing, 1908-10
Death/Life, Klimt, 1908-11
Adele Bloch-Bauer II, Klimt, 1912
Gates of Hell, Rodin, 1880-1917
Water Lilies, Monet, c. 1919-1926

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