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Week 06 Images

First Published Illustration of Camera Obscura, Unknown, 1544

George Eastman with Kodak, Unknown, 1888-1932

The Gross Clinic, Eakins, 1875

William Rush Carving his Allegorical Statue of the Schuylkill, Eakins, 1877

Photograph of an Unidentified Model, Eakins, c. 1883

Motion Study: Thomas Eakins Nude, Eakins, 1884 or 1885

Men Wrestling, Muybridge, c. 1887

Wrestlers (from Animal Locomotion), Muybridge, 1887

Sunlight and Shadows, Stieglitz, 1889

Five Cents a Spot, Riis, 1889

The Pool, Steichen, 1899

Self-Portrait, Steichen, c. 1900

Spring Showers, New York, Stieglitz, 1902

Snow in New York, Henri, 1902

Family of Saltimbanques, Picasso, 1905

Mont Ste-Victoire (Version 2), Cézanne, 1906

Portrait of Gertrude Stein, Picasso, 1906

Mont Ste-Victoire (Version 1), Cézanne, 1904-1906

Landscape at La Ciotat, Braque, 1907

Les Demoiselles d¹Avignon, Picasso, May-July 1907

The Steerage, Stieglitz, 1907

Flatiron, Steichen, 1907

Laughing Child, Henri, 1907

Both Members of This Club, Bellows, 1907

The Steerage, Stieglitz, 1907

Au Tambour, 63 quai de la Tournelle, Atget, 1908

Grand Nu, Braque, 1908

Houses at L¹Estaque, Braque, 1908

La Roche-Guyon, Braque, 1909

Chateau de La Roche-Guyon, Braque, 1909

Woman with Pears, Picasso, 1909

Portrait of Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, Picasso, 1910

Camion, Atget, 1910

Self-Portrait, Stieglitz, 1910

A New York Tenement Flat, Riis, c. 1910

Still Life with Violin and Pitcher, Braque, 1909-10

City of Ambition, Stieglitz, 1910

Soda, Braque, 1911

The Portuguese, Braque, 1911

Guitar and Flowers, Gris, 1912

Nude Descending a Staircase No. 2, Duchamp, 1912

Still Life with Chair Caning, Picasso, 1912

Untitled from Storyville Portraits, Bellocq, 1912

Violin, Picasso, 1912

Ma Jolie (Woman with a Guitar), Picasso, Winter 1911-12

Portrait of Margrethe Mather, Weston, c. 1912

The Red Tower, Delaunay, 1911-1912

Aria of Bach, Braque, 1913

Guitar, Picasso, 1913

Armory Show: Main Gallery View, Unknown, 1913

Armory Show: View, Unknown, 1913

The Bottle of Rum, Braque, 1914

Homage to Bleriot, Delaunay, 1914

Still-Life (Fantomas), Gris, 1915

The Cardplayers, Léger, 1917

Portrait of Georgia O¹Keeffe, Stieglitz, 1918

Tina, San Francisco, Modotti, c. 1918

The City, Léger, 1919

Self-Portrait-Solarized, Ray, c. 1920

Flatiron Building, Abbott, c. 1920

Duchamp as Rrose Sélavy, Ray, c. 1920-21

Marcel Duchamp as Rrose Sélavy, Duchamp, 1920-21

Three Women (Le Grand Déjeuner), Léger, 1921

Three Musicians, Picasso, 1921

Rayograph, Ray, 1922

Le Gueridon, Braque, 1921-1922

Billy Justema in Front of Venetian Blinds, Mather, c. 1922

Portrait of Marcel Duchamp, Stieglitz, c. 1923

Edward Weston with his Graflex Camera, Mexico, Modotti, 1923

Dempsey and Firpo, Bellows, 1924

Ingres¹ Violin (Le Violin d¹Ingres), Ray, 1924

House on Myasnicka Street, Rodchenko, 1925

Portrait of Eugene Atget, Abbott, c. 1923-1925

Silphium Lacinatum, Blossfeldt, 1921-1925

Washbowl, Weston, 1926

Coiffeure (Avenue de l¹Observatoire), Atget, 1926

Flatirons for Shoe Manufacture, Renger-Patzsch, c. 1926

Ilsender Foundry: Generators, Renger-Patzsch, 1925-1926

Silvya Beach, Abbott, c. 1926

Black and White (Noire et Blanche), Ray, 1926

A Part of Moscow, Rodchenko, 1927

Untitled (Toupee Shop), Atget, 1926-1927

Pioneer, Rodchenko, 1928

The Primacy of Matter over Thought, Ray, 1929

Pepper, Weston, 1930

Anatomies, Ray, c. 1930

Portrait of George Eastman, Unknown, 1884-1932

The Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti, Shahn, 1931-1932

Portrait of Meret Oppenheim (Erotique Voilée), Ray, 1933

Veiled Erotic Meret Oppenheim (Erotique Voilée), Ray, 1933

Nude, Weston, 1936

Wife Comforting Husband Arrested for Murder, Weejee, 1938

Fourth of July: Orator, Shahn, 1943

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