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Week 08 Images

Annunciation, Goncharova, c. 1909

Haycutting, Goncharova, 1910

Green Forest, Goncharova, c. 1912

Cow and Violin, Malevich, 1912-13

Guitar, Picasso, 1913

Portrait of Larionov, Goncharova, 1913

The Cyclist, Goncharova, 1912-13

Bicycle Wheel Ready-made, Duchamp, 1913

Victory Over the Sun Set Design, Malevich, 1913

Victory Over the Sun Set Design, Malevich, 1913

Self-Portrait with Seven Fingers, Chagall, 1913

I See Again in Memory My Dear Udnie, Picabia, 1913 (possibly begun 1913)

The Fate of the Animals, Marc, 1913

Ici C╣est Ici Stieglitz, Picabia, 1915

Corner Relief, Tatlin, 1915

Self-Portrait as Soldier, Kirchner, 1915

Rongwrong (cover), Duchamp, 1917

Metropolis, Grosz, 1917

Fountain, Duchamp, 1917

La Fille Nee Sans Mere, Picabia, 1916-1917

Amorous Parade, Picabia, 1917

Arrangement According to the Laws of Chance, Arp, 1916-17

The Regulars╣ Table (Stammtisch), Grosz, 1917

Suprematist Composition: White on White, Malevich, 1918

Automatic Drawing, Arp, 1918

Suprematist Painting: 8 Red Rectangles, Malevich, 1919

Proun 1A: Bridge 1, Lissitzky, 1919

Remember Uncle August the Unhappy Inventor, Grosz, 1919

Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge, Lissitzky, 1919

Monument to the Third International, Tatlin, 1919

L.H.O.O.Q., Duchamp, 1919

Daum Marries Her Pedantic Automaton George in May 1920; John Heartfield Is Very Glad of It, Grosz, 1920

Birds in an Aquarium, Arp, c. 1920

Republican Automatons, Grosz, 1920

Cardplaying War-Cripples, Dix, 1920

Murdering Airplane, Ernst, 1920

Portrait of CÚzanne, Picabia, 1920

Pretty Maiden, Hoch, 1920

Merzbild 25 A, Das Sternenbild, Schwitters, 1920

Self-Portrait-Solarized, Ray, c. 1920

Marcel Duchamp as Rrose SÚlavy, Duchamp, 1920-21

Duchamp as Rrose SÚlavy, Ray, c. 1920-21

The Gift (Le Cadeau), Ray, 1921 original (1940╣s replica)

The Spirit of Our Time, Hausmann, 1921

Then and Now: ROSTA Window Poster, Kozlinsky, 1920-1921

Merz 410: "Irgendsowas", Schwitters, 1922

The Rooftop Studio, Schlichter, c. 1922

The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even, Duchamp, 1915-1923

The New Man (from Victory Over the Sun), Lissitzky, 1923

Poster for Trekhgornoe Beer, Rodchenko, 1923

Prouneraum/Proun Space, Lissitzky, 1923

Proun Space, Lissitzky, 1923 (1965 reconstruction of original)

House on Myasnicka Street, Rodchenko, 1925

A Part of Moscow, Rodchenko, 1927

Pioneer, Rodchenko, 1928

A View of the Hanover Merzbau With Gold Grotto, Schwitters, c. 1930

Adolf, the Superman: Swallows Gold and Spouts Junk, Heartfield, 1932

Millions Stand Behind Me, Heartfield, 1932

Mussolini's Blackshirts, 15 April 1919, Prampolini, 1933

Italy in Arms, Marini, 1933

Head of Mussolini , Bertelli, 1933

Guernica, Picasso, 1937

Portrait, Weston, c. 1945

Buchenwald, Bourke-White, 1945

Portrait of Ansel Adams, Weston, 1946

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