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Week 09 Images

Massilia, Greek Colony, Puvis de Chavannes, 1869

Impression: Sunrise, Monet, 1872

Houses in Provence, CÚzanne, c. 1880

Self-portrait, Gauguin, 1889

Harvest in Brittany, Gauguin, 1889

Port of Gravelines Channel, Seurat, 1890

Two Haystacks, Monet, 1891

Poplars, Monet, 1891

Haystack at Sunrise Near Giverny, Monet, 1891

Fatata te Miti (By the Sea), Gauguin, 1892

The Basket of Apples, CÚzanne, c. 1895

Blue Nude, Bonnard, 1899

Apples and Oranges, CÚzanne, 1895-1900

The Open Window, Collioure, Matisse, 1905

Madame Matisse (The Green Line), Matisse, 1905

Apples, Bottle and the Back of a Chair, CÚzanne, 1902-1906

Mont Ste-Victoire (Version 1), CÚzanne, 1904-1906

Mont Ste-Victoire (Version 2), CÚzanne, 1906

Joy of Life, Matisse, 1905-06

The Turning Road, L'Estaque, Derain, 1906

Hairdresser╣s Window, Sloan, 1907

Wake of the Ferry, Sloan, 1907

Music (decorative panel), Matisse, 1910

The Dance (decorative panel), Matisse, 1910

The Red Studio (Issy-les-Moulineaux), Matisse, 1911

Nature Symbolized, Dove, 1911

New York, Weber, 1912

Battle of Lights, Coney Island, Stella, 1914

Porte-Fenetre a Collioure (French Window at Collioure), Matisse, 1914

Portrait of a German Officer, Hartley, 1914

Porte-Fenetre a Collioure, Matisse, 1914

Rush Hour, N.Y., Weber, 1915

Handsome Drinks, Hartley, 1916

Turkish Bath with Self Portrait, Demuth, 1918

Thunderstorm, Dove, 1917-20

Landscape, New Mexico, Hartley, 1920

Lucky Strike, Davis, 1921

Abstraction, Marin, 1921

New York Interpreted V: The Bridge, Stella, 1922

Brooklyn Bridge: Night, Stella, 1922

Le Gueridon, Braque, 1921-1922

Odalisque with Red Trousers, Matisse, 1922

Odol, Davis, 1924

Nature Symbolized (or Reefs), Dove, 1924

Circus, Calder, 1926

Portrait of Alfred Stieglitz, Dove, 1926

Water Lilies, Monet, c. 1919-1926

Movement #2 Related to Downtown New York (Black Sun), Marin, 1926

River Rouge Plant Stamping Press, Sheeler, 1927

River Rouge Plant Slag Buggy, Sheeler, 1927

My Egypt, Demuth, 1927

River Rouge Plant Power House, Sheeler, 1927

Boomtown, Benton, 1928

I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold, Demuth, 1928

Baptism in Kansas, Curry, 1928

The Barber Shop, Davis, 1930

American Gothic, Wood, 1930

Early Sunday Morning, Hopper, 1930

The Breakfast-Room, Bonnard, c. 1930-1931

Classic Landscape, Sheeler, 1931

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, Wood, 1931

River Rouge Plant, Sheeler, 1932

Sculptor and Reclining Model, Picasso, 1933

Detroit Industry, Rivera, 1932-1933

Nude in the Garden, Picasso, 1934

City Interior, Sheeler, 1936

The Funeral, Lawrence, 1938

Persephone, Benton, 1939

Mural for Radio Station WNYC Municipal Building, Davis, c. 1939

Frederick Douglass Series, No. 22, Lawrence, 1938-39

Gas, Hopper, 1940

Ironers, Lawrence, 1943

Nude in the Bath, Bonnard, 1941-1946

L'Atelier III, Braque, 1949

The Mellow Pad, Davis, 1945-1951

Rapt at Rappaport╣s, Davis, 1952

Mountains and Sea, Frankenthaler, 1952

The Swimming Pool , Matisse, 1952-1953

Large Composition with Masks, Matisse, 1953

Elegy to the Spanish Republic 34, Motherwell, 1953-1954

Song, Noland, 1958

Alpha-Pi, Louis, Morris, 1960

Ocean Park No. 66, Diebenkorn, 1973

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