ANSC 100 Image Library
Week 13 Images

The Huth Factories at Clichy, van Gogh, 1887

Odol, Davis, 1924

Success Is A Job in New York, Warhol, 1949

The Mellow Pad, Davis, 1945-1951

Flag, Johns, 1954

Target with Four Faces, Johns, 1955

Bed, Rauschenberg, 1955

Target with Plaster Casts, Johns, 1955

Just What Is It That Makes Today's Homes So Different, So Appealing?, Hamilton, 1956

Factum II, Rauschenberg, 1957

Three Flags, Johns, 1958

Odalisk, Rauschenberg, 1955-1958

Monogram, Rauschenberg, 1955-1959

President Elect, Rosenquist, 1960

The Store (interior view with artist), Oldenburg, 1961

Pepsi-Cola, Oldenburg, 1961

Dessert, Thiebaud, 1961

President Elect, Rosenquist, 1960-61

Grey Numbers, Johns, 1961

Delicatessen Counter, Thiebaud, 1962

Two Cheeseburgers, with Everything (Dual Hamburgers), Oldenburg, 1962

Green Coca-Cola Bottles, Warhol, 1962

Green Coca-Cola Bottles, Warhol, 1962

200 Campbell's Soup Cans, Warhol, 1962

Marilyn Monroe, Warhol, 1962

Ice Cream Cone, Oldenburg, 1962

Suicide, Warhol, 1963

Periscope (Hart Crane), Johns, 1963

Drowning Girl, Lichtenstein, 1963

As I Opened Fire, Lichtenstein, 1964

Back Seat Dodge Œ38, Kienholz, 1964

Field Painting, Johns, 1964

Ale Cans, Johns, 1964

Retroactive I, Rauschenberg, 1964

Electric Chairs, Warhol, 1964

Liz Taylor, Warhol, 1964

Where the Railroad Leaves the Sea, Kitaj, 1964

The Beanery, Kienholz, 1965

The Beanery (detail), Kienholz, 1965

F-111 (detail with spaghetti), Rosenquist, 1965

F-111 (detail of girlıs head and lightbulbs), Rosenquist, 1965

F-111 (detail with plane engine), Rosenquist, 1965

The F-111 (view of installation), Rosenquist, 1965

F-111 (detail with tire), Rosenquist, 1965

The Beanery, Kienholz, 1965

Little Big Painting, Lichtenstein, 1965

The State Hospital, Kienholz, 1966

Thames Ball (proposed colossal monument for Thames River), Oldenburg, 1967

A Bigger Splash, Hockney, 1967

Phil, Close, 1969

Roxy, Cottingham, 1972

Artistıs Studio: The Dance, Lichtenstein, 1974

Cubist Still Life, Lichtenstein, 1974

Clothespin, Philadelphia, Oldenburg, 1976

World War II, April 1945, Flack, 1976-1977

Shopping Mall, Doolin, 1973-1977

Ansonia, Estes, 1977

Self-Portrait, Lichtenstein, 1978

The Dinner Party, Chicago, Judy, 1979

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