ANSC 100 Image Library
Week 14 Images

Morning Glory with Black, OšKeeffe, 1926

Song, Noland, 1958

Alpha-Pi, Louis, Morris, 1960

Green Coca-Cola Bottles, Warhol, 1962

Abstract Painting Number 33, Reinhardt, 1963

Where the Railroad Leaves the Sea, Kitaj, 1964

Balm, Riley, Bridget, 1964

The Great Friends, Baselitz, 1965

The State Hospital, Kienholz, 1966

A Bigger Splash, Hockney, 1967

Agbatana I, Stella, Frank, 1968

64 Pieces of Copper, Andre, 1969

Untitled, Judd, 1969

Untitled, Judd, 1969

The Pack, Beuys, 1969

Spiral Jetty, Smithson, 1970

Complex One, Central Eastern Nevada, Heizer, 1972

Nu Couche et Tete, Picasso, 1972

Ocean Park No. 66, Diebenkorn, 1973

Meltdown Morning, Jenney, 1975

Le Centre Pompidou (Beauborg), Piano and Rogers, 1977

Le Centre Pompidou (Beauborg), Piano and Rogers, 1977

Le Centre Pompidou (Beauborg), Piano and Rogers, 1977

Lightning Field, de Maria, 1971-1977

The Street, Guston, 1977

Orphean Elegy I, Riley, Bridget, 1978

Shoubeegi (Indian Birds), Stella, Frank, 1978

Equivalents I-VIII, Andre, 1966-1978

Female Nude on a Platform Rocker, Pearlstein, 1977-1978

Degas, Cassatt, and Me, Treiman, 1979

The Dinner Party, Chicago, Judy, 1979

Naked Portrait with Reflection, Freud, Lucian, 1980

Tilted Arc, Serra, Richard, 1981

Bad Boy, Fischl, 1981

Head of J.Y.M. I, Auerbach, 1981

Paganini, Polke, 1982

Thinker, Moskowitz, 1982

Keyhole, Murray, Elizabeth, 1982

Sulamith, Kiefer, 1983

The Master Bedroom, Fischl, 1983

Painting of the Precious Fires, Cucchi, 1983

Green (Earth), Marden, 1983-1984

Street Leaf (From Mayaguez), Wilmarth, 1978-1986

Up, Down, Around, Rothenberg, 1985-1987

Pale Fire, Scully, Sean, 1988

Dinner in Palazzo Albrizzi, Hodgkin, 1984-1988

Piss Christ, Serrano, 1989

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