ANSC 100 Image Library

Fall of Man (Adam and Eve), Dürer, 1504

David, Michelangelo, 1501-1504

Mona Lisa, Leonardo, c. 1503-1505

Tempietto di San Pietro in Montorio, Bramante, c. 1506

Creation of Adam (Sistine Chapel ceiling), Michelangelo, 1508-1512

Isenheim Altarpiece: Annunciation (detail of angel), Grünewald, c. 1515

Isenheim Altarpiece: Resurrection and Annunciation, Grünewald, c. 1515

Isenheim Altarpiece: Lamentation , Grünewald, c. 1515

Man Drawing a Lute , Dürer, 1525

The Four Apostles, Dürer, 1526

The Battle of Issus, Altdorfer, 1529

Water Nymph Resting, Cranach I (The Elder), c. 1530

Judgment of Paris, Cranach I (The Elder), 1530

Fontainebleau palace, Rosso, 1530- (under King Francis I)

Venus of Urbino, Titian, 1538

Louvre (west facade of Square Court ), Lescot, 1546-

Space graph, Bruegel the Elder, c. 1550

Family Group, van Dalem, 1643

Embarkation of the Queen of Sheba, Lorraine, 1648

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