ANSC 100 Image Library

Gargantua, Daumier, 1832

Study for the Portrait of Louis-Francois Bertin, Ingres, 1832

Portrait of Louis-Francois Bertin, Ingres, 1832

George Eastman with Kodak, Unknown, 1888-1932

Burning of the Houses of Parliament, Turner, 1834-1835

The Oxbow (Connecticut River near Northampton), Cole, 1836

Diorama of Inauguration of Salomonšs Temple (study for), Daguerre, 1836

Still Life in Studio, Daguerre, 1837

View From the Courtyard, Niepce, 1837

Three Leaves, Herschel, 1837

Daguerreotype (taken apart), Unknown, 1837

Parisian Boulevard, Daguerre, 1839

Fossils, Daguerre, 1839

Botanical Specimen, Talbot, 1839

Daguerreotype (with Case), Unknown, 1840

The Slave Ship, Turner, 1840

Self-Portrait as a Drowned Man, Bayard, 1840

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