ANSC 100 Image Library

Portrait of Abraham Lincoln, New York, Feb. 23, Brady, 1861

The Birth of Venus, Cabanel, 1862

Portrait of Charles Baudelaire from Album Galerie Contemporaire, Carjat, 1861-1862

The Third-Class Carriage, Daumier, c. 1862

President Lincoln at Sharpsburg, Oct. 1862, Brady, 1862

Olympia, Manet, 1863

Luncheon on the Grass (Le Déjeuner sur l¹herbe), Manet, 1863

The Dead Toreador, Manet, c. 1864

The Dead Christ with Angels, Manet, 1864

Symphony in White no. 2, Whistler, 1864

Potrait of William-Henry Fox Talbot, Talbot, c. 1864

The Sentinel, California, Watkins, c, 1863-1865

Dead in the Hole, Brady, 1861-1865

The Execution of Emperor Maxmillian, Manet, 1867

Ugolino and His Children, Carpeaux, 1865-1867

Portrait of Sir John Herschel, Cameron, 1867

The Slave Market, Gerome, c. 1867

The Harbor at l¹ Orient, Morisot, 1869

The Print Fancier, Daumier, 1869

Massilia, Greek Colony, Puvis de Chavannes, 1869

Photographic Equipment: Stereoscope, Unknown, 1870

Mother and Sister of the Artist, Morisot, 1869-70

Stereograph Cards, Unknown, 1870

Train in the Country, Monet, c. 1870

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