ANSC 100 Image Library

Mont Ste-Victoire (Version 1), Cézanne, 1904-1906

Large Bathers, Cézanne, 1899-1906

The Turning Road, L'Estaque, Derain, 1906

Portrait of Gertrude Stein, Picasso, 1906

Mont Ste-Victoire (Version 2), Cézanne, 1906

Apples, Bottle and the Back of a Chair, Cézanne, 1902-1906

Joy of Life, Matisse, 1905-06

Les Demoiselles d¹Avignon, Picasso, May-July 1907

Wake of the Ferry, Sloan, 1907

Landscape at La Ciotat, Braque, 1907

Both Members of This Club, Bellows, 1907

Couple Riding a Horse, Kandinsky, 1907

Hairdresser¹s Window, Sloan, 1907

The Steerage, Stieglitz, 1907

Flatiron, Steichen, 1907

Laughing Child, Henri, 1907

The Steerage, Stieglitz, 1907

Houses at L¹Estaque, Braque, 1908

The Kiss, Brancusi, 1908

The Kiss, Klimt, 1907-08

The Red Tree, Mondrian, 1908

Grand Nu, Braque, 1908

Au Tambour, 63 quai de la Tournelle, Atget, 1908

Annunciation, Goncharova, c. 1909

Portrait of Adolf Loos, Kokoschka, 1909

The Street Light-Study of Light, Balla, 1909

La Roche-Guyon, Braque, 1909

Chateau de La Roche-Guyon, Braque, 1909

Woman with Pears, Picasso, 1909

Landscape Near Murnau with Locomotive, Kandinsky, 1909

Study for Composition #2, Kandinsky, 1910

Haycutting, Goncharova, 1910

A New York Tenement Flat, Riis, c. 1910

Riot in the Galleria, Boccioni, 1910

Self-Portrait, Stieglitz, 1910

Before the Mirror, Dewing, 1908-10

City of Ambition, Stieglitz, 1910

The Dream (La Reve), Rousseau, 1910

Portrait of Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, Picasso, 1910

Camion, Atget, 1910

Still Life with Violin and Pitcher, Braque, 1909-10

The Dance (decorative panel), Matisse, 1910

Music (decorative panel), Matisse, 1910

The Dream (La Reve), Rousseau, 1910

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