ANSC 100 Image Library

Blue LInes, O¹Keeffe, 1916

Handsome Drinks, Hartley, 1916

The Disquieting Muses, de Chirico, 1916

Gates of Hell, Rodin, 1880-1917

Amorous Parade, Picabia, 1917

Arrangement According to the Laws of Chance, Arp, 1916-17

Rongwrong (cover), Duchamp, 1917

Metropolis, Grosz, 1917

Light Coming on the Plains III, O¹Keeffe, 1917

La Fille Nee Sans Mere, Picabia, 1916-1917

The Regulars¹ Table (Stammtisch), Grosz, 1917

Starlight Night, O¹Keeffe, 1917

The Cardplayers, Léger, 1917

Fountain, Duchamp, 1917

Suprematist Composition: White on White, Malevich, 1918

Automatic Drawing, Arp, 1918

Portrait of Georgia O¹Keeffe, Stieglitz, 1918

Turkish Bath with Self Portrait, Demuth, 1918

Red and Blue Chair, Rietveld, 1918

Tina, San Francisco, Modotti, c. 1918

Proun 1A: Bridge 1, Lissitzky, 1919

Remember Uncle August the Unhappy Inventor, Grosz, 1919

Monument to the Third International, Tatlin, 1919

The City, Léger, 1919

Music: Pink and Blue, No. 1, O¹Keeffe, 1919

Suprematist Painting: 8 Red Rectangles, Malevich, 1919

Mlle. Pogany (Version II), Brancusi, 1919

The Night, Beckmann, 1918-1919

Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge, Lissitzky, 1919

Flatiron Building, Abbott, c. 1920

Landscape, New Mexico, Hartley, 1920

Merzbild 25 A, Das Sternenbild, Schwitters, 1920

Daum Marries Her Pedantic Automaton George in May 1920; John Heartfield Is Very Glad of It, Grosz, 1920

Thunderstorm, Dove, 1917-20

Self-Portrait-Solarized, Ray, c. 1920

Portrait of Cézanne, Picabia, 1920

Birds in an Aquarium, Arp, c. 1920

Cardplaying War-Cripples, Dix, 1920

Murdering Airplane, Ernst, 1920

Republican Automatons, Grosz, 1920

Pretty Maiden, Hoch, 1920

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