ANSC 100 Image Library

Morning Glory with Black, OčKeeffe, 1926

Coiffeure (Avenue de lčObservatoire), Atget, 1926

The Menaced Assassin, Magritte, 1926

Washbowl, Weston, 1926

Flatirons for Shoe Manufacture, Renger-Patzsch, c. 1926

Ilsender Foundry: Generators, Renger-Patzsch, 1925-1926

Water Lilies, Monet, c. 1919-1926

Black and White (Noire et Blanche), Ray, 1926

Circus, Calder, 1926

Silvya Beach, Abbott, c. 1926

Forest, Ernst, 1926

Dog Barking at Moon, Miro, 1926

Portrait of Alfred Stieglitz, Dove, 1926

Movement #2 Related to Downtown New York (Black Sun), Marin, 1926

A Part of Moscow, Rodchenko, 1927

East River, New York No. 2, OčKeeffe, 1927

Untitled (Toupee Shop), Atget, 1926-1927

My Egypt, Demuth, 1927

River Rouge Plant Slag Buggy, Sheeler, 1927

River Rouge Plant Stamping Press, Sheeler, 1927

River Rouge Plant Power House, Sheeler, 1927

Pioneer, Rodchenko, 1928

Baptism in Kansas, Curry, 1928

Boomtown, Benton, 1928

I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold, Demuth, 1928

Lugubrious Game, Dali, 1929

New York Night, OčKeeffe, 1929

The Treason of Images, Magritte, 1928-1929

The Primacy of Matter over Thought, Ray, 1929

A View of the Hanover Merzbau With Gold Grotto, Schwitters, c. 1930

Anatomies, Ray, c. 1930

Pepper, Weston, 1930

Head with Annoying Objects, Arp, c. 1930

The Barber Shop, Davis, 1930

Early Sunday Morning, Hopper, 1930

American Gothic, Wood, 1930

Seated Bather, Picasso, 1930

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