ANSC 100 Image Library

The State Hospital, Kienholz, 1966

Centre Triptych for the Rothko Chapel, Rothko, 1966

A Bigger Splash, Hockney, 1967

Winding Tower 1920, Becher, 1967

Thames Ball (proposed colossal monument for Thames River), Oldenburg, 1967

Agbatana I, Stella, Frank, 1968

64 Pieces of Copper, Andre, 1969

Untitled, Judd, 1969

Untitled, Judd, 1969

The Pack, Beuys, 1969

Phil, Close, 1969

Jewish Giant at Home with his Parents, Arbus, 1970

Hermaphrodite and Dog in Carnival, Arbus, 1970

Spiral Jetty, Smithson, 1970

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