ANSC 100 Image Library

Bad Boy, Fischl, 1981

Head of J.Y.M. I, Auerbach, 1981

Tilted Arc, Serra, Richard, 1981

Keyhole, Murray, Elizabeth, 1982

Thinker, Moskowitz, 1982

Paganini, Polke, 1982

Untitled (Your Gaze Hits the Side of My Face), Kruger, 1981-83

Sulamith, Kiefer, 1983

You Substantiate Our Horror, Kruger, 1983

The Master Bedroom, Fischl, 1983

Painting of the Precious Fires, Cucchi, 1983

Family Pictures and Stories: Dad with Suzie-Qs, Weems, 1978-84

Horizontal Men, Baldessari, 1984

Ken Moody, Mapplethorpe, 1984

Portrait of Joel-Peter Witkin, Witkin, 1984

Green (Earth), Marden, 1983-1984

Portrait of Cindy Sherman, Mapplethorpe, 1985

Self-Portrait, Mapplethorpe, 1985

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