ANSC 100 Class Project

Sample Assignments

1. Write a three-page paper comparing what Western European paintings looked liked in the 20 years after versus the 20 years before Daguerre's public patent for photography. Include two things: (1) descriptions of particular paintings, including at least two works not in a required textbook; and (2) a detailed account of how you used the course Web Site to complete this assignment.

2. "Visit" any two of the world's major art museums via our course Web Site. In a two-page paper, compare and contrast their usefulness for an Internet "field trip" for our class (as of the end of this week's readings and lectures). Be sure to indicate in your paper, as specifically as you can, which sections of each museum would be most useful to your fellow students in their studies for this course.

3. In a two-page paper, compare the decade immediately preceding World War I with the decade immediately following World War II in terms of the paintings, photography, and other works on our course Web Site. Include a discussion of how the experiences of the two world wars related to the culture production of the two decades as you view them.

4. Assume that you have just been hired by the online version of the Encyclopaedia Britannica to choose illustrations for various entries in its next edition. In a two-page memo to your new boss, for any three artists (your choice) with entries in the current online Britannica, state what you consider to be the two best works to accompany each artist's work, and why. Then argue, for each pair of works for each artist, which one of the two works you think Britannica ought to use, and why.

5. For any two art movements or styles treated in our course (as of the end of this week's readings and lectures), and for at least two artists in each movement or style, compare and contrast its treatment of ONE particular subject matter (your choice) in a two-page paper.

6. In a two-page paper, compare and contrast how at least four different painters (your choice) have treated real historical events in works represented on our course Web Site. Wherever possible, use the historical and social contexts of the artists themselves to account for their particular choice and treatments of their chosen subjects. Be sure to include an account of how you used the Web Site to complete this assignment.

7. Zip through all of the paintings on our course Web Site completed before 1840 to find the one you consider the most "modern" by today's standards. Write a one-page paper explaining your choice, and why the most modern-looking painting is not necessarily the most recent one.

8. For any two major communications technologies (your choice)-- other than photography--invented at least 20 years apart, examine all of the works on our course Web Site completed within 10 years of each technology's introduction. In a two- page paper, discuss whatever evidence you find (if any) of each invention's influence on the art of the following decade, including your best examples of actual works which bolster your arguments for or against technological influence on art.

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