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Surrealism Web Sites

Bring the Noise! Burroughs
An article in the Journal of Postmodern Culture, it examines the Burroughs forays into Pop music.

An "unoffical" Burroughs site. Lots of his writings and lots of guns.

HOMEpage OF THE BRAVE: Laurie Anderson
There's a small section here on Burroughs, because Laurie Anderson has used him in her work, and it's on a government server!

Literary Kicks
A site about the beats with a section on Burroughs. The beats were cool, but I don't think Burroughs was really one.

Morchella thing-ding
Just a little Burroughs here, and plenty of pictures of motorcycles. Guess the connection!

Ralph McCoy's Freedom of the Press
This site is a bibliography referencing books on censorship, including a few on the hearings about Burroughs' The Naked Lunch.

Reading List
A small selection of Burroughs online text. Reading him is more important than reading about him.

A "theoretical fiction" with a chapter on Burroughs, written by a Professor at UW. Heady.

The Electronic Revolution
This 1970 article by Burroughs offers some insights to cyber culture, if you can decode them.

The William S Burroughs Files
The jumbo collection of Burrough's original and secondary information.

William Burroughs
Burroughs has a place on the St. Louis Walk of Fame. This is the cyber space version of it.

William S Burroughs
Cool background, online works by Burroughs and comprehensive bibliography.

William S Burroughs
Burroughs has dabbled in film from time to time. Here's a complete listing of what he's done.

William S Burroughs
Hard to find videos featuring talks with and the work of Burroughs can be bought at this site. There's nothing like hearing the man read his work.

William S Burroughs
Just a photo collage of Burroughs' pictures, and a few links. The pictures are very cool.

William S Burroughs Dead City Radio
The album cover and song list for Burroughs' Dead City Radio recording, but you can't buy it from here.

William Seward Burroughs
Some quotes, some sounds, some comedy; not an overwhelming amount of info.

A tour of Salvador Dali Resources
If you don't feel like stumbling around blindly over the Internet looking for Dali stuff, there's always the guided tour!

Art Fraud
This report gives the facts on Art fraud, and says that Dali is one of the most frequently counterfieted artists.

Christer Berg
Christer maintains a small gallery, including Dali pictures. If Swedes were happier, would they still like Surrealism?

Christopher's Salvador Dali Art Server
Don't just copy a Dali image from a Web page, have it e-mailed to you, or a friend!

A beautiful page featuring "The Sacrament of the Last Supper" and a few links to other Dali sites.

Fear Of Dolls
This is really a band site, but it's got scary Dali art in the background.

Felix's Report on Dali
Felix's report is very pretty, but looks aren't everything, and, as a bio this is just a little brief.

Fine Art Erotica Fantasy
A catalog for Ramon Marius, an artist who was encouraged by Dali to paint.

Grotesque in art
This page has Dali's "Soft Construction with Boiled Beans:Premonition of Civil War" and other twisted pictures of war.

Ignacio Garcia's Page
Ignacio is from Spain, and has a couple of Dali pictures on his home page. He thinks Austin, TX, is the nicest place in North America.

Indigo's Tribute to Dali
I don't know who Indigo is, but s/he likes Dali enough to put a tribute on the Web.

La Salle Dali
Dali is a world wide favorite. This French site isn't very big, and all the pictures are in black & white.

More Salvador Dali
This Dali page features a pretty decent timeline, with photos along the way to view the aging of Dali.

Salvador Dali
A brief Dali site, the design reflects nothing of Dali's twisted reality, except that the server is in Korea, and it's in English. Maybe that's one for the Twilight Zone.

Salvador Dali Watches!
Dali's most famous for his twisted clocks from "Persistence of Memory." Now you can own a watch shaped like a Dali clock.

Spanish Art
8 pictures by Dali, 1 by Picasso. I guess we've got our priorities, haven't we?

Surrealism 1920-1940
A thumbnail description of Surrealism headed by Dali's "Le Sommeil."

The Official Salvador Dali Museum
Don't look for Dali anywhere else, this is the "Official" Web site. By who's authority I'm not sure, but it is pretty cool, better designed than the Web museum's site.

Web for Insects
A page for the Thought Industry record, "Songs for Insects," which used a Dali picture for cover art.

WebMuseum Dali Salvador
The WebMuseum, a virtual museum only existing in cyberspace, is mirrored all over the world. Their 20th century exhibit has a section on Dali, of course.

F.T. Marinetti
A picture of Marinetti, father of Futurism, by a Polish expressionist artist.

Probably the most complete Futurism site on the Internet, it includes the Futurist Cookbook.

Futurist Programmers
A 1990s cyberspace revision of Futurism, these programmers have written themselves a manifesto.

WebMuseum Futurism
The official Internet approved Web Museum has a section on Futurism, come here for an explanation.

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