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Sexual Orientation Issues in the News
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Like race, religion and gender, gay and lesbian issues are part of the diverse communities that journalists now cover. At their heart are free speech, journalistic responsibility and civil liberties.

As such, gay and lesbian issues – and the media’s treatment of them – should be addressed adequately in journalism education. Armed with historical context and knowledge of modern conditions, new professionals will be able to think about and report critically from all the perspectives surrounding these issues.

The concepts raised on this site, can be adapted to any academic situation, from discussing coverage of gay and lesbian issues in a broad course on journalistic ethics, to basing an entire class on media coverage of these issues. (See Journalism 468M.)

Providing future journalists with an understanding of gay and lesbian issues – and the skills to write about them – helps them distinguish truth from the rhetoric and stereotypes that still seep into news stories on all sides of the discussion. Our goal is to improve the quality of the journalism tackling these complex, subtle, demanding issues.

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