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Sexual Orientation Issues in the News
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Journalism 468M: A Model Course

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Gay-Events Timeline, 1970-1999

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Journalism 468M Selected Student Papers

Click on any of the following student papers to view them in Acrobat PDF format. (If you cannot open the files, click here to get Acrobat Reader.)

The first paper represents new student research completed in December 2002 and the following three papers were completed in December, 2001 by undergraduate students in the J468 course at USC Annenberg, entitled, "The American Press and Issues of Sexual Diversity." These term projects were selected for the SOIN webite for their excellence, depth of research, and relevance to contemporary issues of the kind that could be discussed in journalism classrooms. The four papers examine the following: A study of how the media cover openly gay candidates; Defects in the "expose" of AIDS-inflicted priests in the Kansas City Star; an analysis of homoerotic elements in the musical, "Rent," and how the media handled the issue; and an analysis of the political forces involved in just-signed benefits for gay couples in California and how those forces manipulated or tried to manipulate the press.  

Case Study Of Media Coverage of Gay Candidates

        Michael George

        Fall 2002- December 12, 2002

Media Coverage of California Domestic
Partners' Legislation AB 25

Bichngoc Cao

Fall 2001- December 12, 2001

AIDS and Gay Catholic Priests: Implications
of the Kansas City Star Reports

Veronica Torrejon

Fall 2001- December 12, 2001

As the Show Goes On…
(An Analysis of Mainstream Reaction to Rent)

Yolanda Wang

Fall 2001- December 12, 2001

Gearing Up to Cover the Knight Initiative:
An Analysis of Press Efforts

Jason Taylor
Judy Chen
Amira Hashim
Fall 1999 - December 1, 1999

Anti-Gay Violence and the Media's Coverage

Sara Happ
Leslee Lacey
December 1, 1999

Transgender Coverage:
The Next Frontier

Douglas Russell
December 1,1999
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