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Sexual Orientation Issues in the News
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 Covering The Gay Marriage Debate: 


Resources and Perspectives


Coverage of Gay Marriage

Journalist Tools: 

Case Study: Local Press Coverage of Mayor Jason West and gay marriages in New Paltz, New York

Marriage Equality Media Center

NLGJA Press Release Concerning Accurate Reporting of the Marriage Issue

CLAG (Center For Lesbian and Gay Studies) Academic Instructor and Syllabi Resource

State Laws and Proposals Affecting Future of Gay Marriage:

National Conference of State Legislatures Summary of State Laws

Human Rights Campaign Tracks State Legislation

Stateline.org analyzes the 50 states Marriage Laws

Legal Resources:  What is Marriage?  Who Decides?

The Tastkforce Marriage Center

Lambda Legal Marriage Project Resources

How is the Constitution amended?

Political Organization Reactions: Making News With The Media

Log Cabin Republicans

Human Rights Campaign

Family Research Council

National Center For Lesbian Rights

GLAAD (Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) 

Court Decisions and Pending Cases that Affect Marriage:

View the Massachusetts Supreme Court Decision granting full marriage rights to gay and lesbians within the State.

View NCLR, ACLU, and Lambda Legal's brief opposing the Prop 22 Legal Defense and Education Fund's request that the judge order the City of San Francisco to stop issuing marriage licenses

View The City and County of San Francisco's brief opposing the Prop 22 Legal Defense and Education Fund's request that the judge order the City to stop issuing marriage licenses



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National Coverage of Gay Marriages

International Coverage of Gay Marriages

Alternative Press Coverage of Gay Marriages


State By State Coverage of Gay Marriages


New York








Los Angeles Times Commentary: Robert Scheer, Scandal's Shame Massachusetts Pride, May 18, 2004

USA Today Editorial, Public's Shifting View can open way to fair solution, May 17, 2004

Boston Globe Editorial, Legal at Last, May 18, 2004

Boston Globe Editorial, A Wedding Toast, May 17, 2004

Lambda Legal's executive director Kevin Cathcart Editorial Piece, March 11, 2004

Wall Street Journal Commentary: Full Faith and Credit, March 9, 2004

Condoleeza Rice Discusses Gay Marriage on NPR, March 2, 2004

National Review Online, Bush Defending Marriage, February 25, 2004

Margaret Cho's National Public Radio Commentary on Gay Marriage

Arianna Online: Bush Rouses the Sleeping Dogs of the Culture War, February 18, 2004


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