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Sexual Orientation Issues in the News
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Who We Are

Created under Annenberg Dean Geoffrey Cowan and Pulitzer-winning journalist Leroy Aarons, SOIN works to assure that journalism education addresses issues affecting sexual minorities along with other groups in our diverse society. These complex issues permeate American public life and demand sophisticated coverage.

SOIN aims to foster better journalism by:

  • Equipping those students entering journalism and other communications fields to understand the complexities of the debate surrounding gay and lesbian issues. (See Enhancing Curricula)

  • Holding forums and workshops – with both academics and news professionals – to develop strategies to ensure that the next generation of graduating journalists is qualified to address these complex social issues.

  • Providing resources – such as this website – to help journalism educators address, through the lens of news media, the history and context of sexual-diversity issues.

  • Conducting surveys, audits and other research to analyze news coverage of sexual-orientation issues and translate the results into a resource for journalism educators.

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