The North American Nietzsche Society


Membership Dues

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NB. Dues paid from July 1 onward will be credited to the following academic year, and will entitle Category A and B dues payers to receive the *following* summer's NANS issue of ISP. Full year subscriptions of ISP will be for the year including the NANS issue to be received.

Dues Structure

Indicate the option you select and circle the appropriate dues amount for your category.

Options (check one) I: Employed Members II: Student, Retired, Unemployed

A. Regular dues

(including NANS issue of ISP $30 (Student, Retired $20

B. Regular dues with ISP option

(full year-four issues, including NANS issue)* $47.50 (Student, Retired $37.50

C. Reduced dues

(does not include NANS issue of ISP) $20 (Student, Retired $10)

*Regular dues include the special issue of *International Studies in Philosophy (ISP)* in which papers presented at NANS Programs are published. By special arrangement between NANS and *ISP*, this issue is made available to NANS members at a reduced rate, incorporated into the regular dues structure; and members also have the opportunity of receiving a full year of *ISP* at a reduced rate, by selecting Option B.

Dues are payable by check, money order, or bank draft made out to "North American Nietzsche Society," in the amount indicated for the appropriate membership category and option selected. International members without access to personal checking accounts in the US: please pay by international bank draft, *either* (1) drawn on a US bank in US dollars (obtainable from a bank in your country associated with a US bank), *or* (2) drawn on a bank in your country in your country's currency, in the equivalent (at current exchange rates) of the appropriate dues figure plus $3 currency conversion fee.

Mail to: Richard Schacht (NANS), Department of Philosophy, 105 Gregory Hall, University of Illinois, 810 South Wright Street, IL 61801, USA. Phone: 217-337-1939. Fax: 217-244-8355 (Attn: NANS). Created: 3/29/95 Last Updated: 3/5/96