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The Three current lists are:

NIETZSCH on   Friedrich Nietzsche discussion list

   This discussion list, hosted at Dartmouth College, is a forum for
   scholarly and interdisciplinary discussions of the philosophy of
   and literature of Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900).  Topics include
   all aspects of Nietzsche studies, including discussion of subjects
   closely related to Nietzsche (such as Schopenhauer and Wagner).
   Scholarly societies concerned with Nietzsche's thought are encouraged
   to post announcements here.

   To subscribe, send the following command in the BODY of mail to
   listserv@DARTMOUTH.EDU on the Internet or listserv@DARTCMS1 on Bitnet:

      SUBSCRIBE NIETZSCH yourfirstname yourlastname

   For example:


   Owner: Malcolm Brown 

And NIETZSCHE a list administered by the Spoons Collective.

NIETZSCHE is an electronic forum for discussion and experimentation rooted
in both the work of Friedrich Nietzsche and the discursive practices wich 
occure around this work.

The mailing address of the list is  
Use this address to post messages, initiate or continue discussion etc.

The administrative address is  
Use this address for all administrative functions.  If you have any 
questions, don't hesitate to ask the moderator.

administrative possiblities:

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send the message: subscribe nietzsche

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And the THINKNET Nietzsche discussion list


The works of Friedrich Nietzsche.

To subscribe:  Send a generic subscription message ("Subscribe
  nietzche Your Name" to THINKNET@WORLD.STD.COM Created: 3/29/95 Last Updated: 3/9/96