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Study Background

Dementia (decreased mental function) of the Alzheimer's Type (Alzheimer's disease) is a disease that causes severe memory difficulties. People can also experience changes in their personalities and behavior patterns. The usual treatments for Alzheimer's disease, focus on helping to relieve some of the symptoms people experience with memory loss. These drugs do not help everyone with memory loss problems.

Some early research studies have shown that people who take anti-inflammatory drugs (such as aspirin or ibuprofen) may have a lower chance of developing Alzheimer's disease. One of these anti-inflammatory drugs is called flurbiprofen. This drug is approved in the United States , Canada and the United Kingdom . An ingredient of this drug, called MPC-7869, has been chosen to be studied as a possible new treatment for Alzheimer's disease. MPC-7869 is an experimental drug that has not been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), however, the FDA is allowing its use in this study. Myriad Pharmaceuticals, the study sponsor, is the company that will study this drug.

What is the primary objective of this study?
The purpose of this study, is to determine if an experimental drug, MPC-7869, will be well tolerated by the subject and will slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

What is the secondary objectives of this study?

The study will also look at the safety of this drug in these subjects. MPC-7869 (the study drug) has been tested previously in healthy volunteers and in people with other diseases, including Alzheimer's disease.

How many subjects will participate in this study?
It is expected that a total of approximately 750 subjects will participate in this study.

Who is eligible to participate in this study?
You may be eligible to participate in this study if you have a MMSE score between 20 and 26, are 55 years old and over, are able to read and understand English, French, or Spanish, and have at least 6 years of education or work history. If you are a woman, you must be sterile or postmenopausal for more than a year.

How long will the study last?
The study will last 12 months.

How can I enroll in this study?
This study is currently enrolling volunteers. If interested, please contact:
Maya Slowinska (
University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine
Phone: (323) 442-7600

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