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Institute of Psychiatry and Law

The Division of Psychiatry and Law/USC Institute of Psychiatry and Law represents the major resource organization in Los Angeles County and in Southern California possessing an interdisciplinary team of mental health and legal professionals trained and experienced in the interface of psychiatry/psychology and the law.

Direct service activities consist of civil, criminal, juvenile, and family law evaluation and court testimony, if necessary. Direct service activities also include forensic treatment for mentally disordered offenders for whom community treatment resources are sparse.

Additionally, consultation to medical centers for a wide variety of health and mental health professionals is provided. The Division/Institute also provides consultative, educational and informational services to community care facilities, government agencies, human services, law enforcement, the justice system, mental health agencies and the community at large.

There is also an ACGME accredited fellowship in forensic psychiatry and a postdoctoral fellowship in forensic psychology)

Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute

The Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute at USC is the center of USC neuroscience research on the Health Sciences campus. Completed in January 2003, the ZNI provides a home for laboratory scientists from the Departments of Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, Neurology, Preventive Medicine, Physiology & Biophysics, Cell and Neurobiology.

Current research into the basic pathophysiology of neuropsychiatric brain illness has yielded extensive understanding of these illnesses. However, much work remains to be accomplished. The Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California intends to be at the forefront of research efforts in both psychiatry and neurology.

As a result of progress in many areas of medicine, longevity has increased. This has contributed to an increase in neuropsychiatric problems related to the
aging nervous system. Dementias including Alzheimer's disease, vascular diseases, brain tumors, and Parkinson's Disease are becoming more prevalent as our population ages. At the same time, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS), neuro-AIDS, and peripheral neuropathy are more easily diagnosed and treated.

Geriatric Studies Center

The USC Geriatric Studies Center is staffed by USC faculty and physicians with expertise in Alzheimer's disease and age related memory loss. The center provides evaluation, diagnosis and treatment recommendations, referral to caregiver services and support groups, and the opportunity to participate in clinical drug trials with the most recent advances in medications for memory problems.

Laboratory of Vertebrate Functional Brain Mapping

The Laboratory of Vertebrate Functional Brain Mapping's research centers around the brain imaging of animal behaviors as they occur in the nontethered, nonrestrained animal. This emphasis is part of a broader interest in the characterization of the neurobiology, behavior and physiologic function of specific animal models of human behavior and mental illness



Division of Psychiatry and Law

USC Institute of
Psychiatry and Law
LAC+USC Medical Center
2020 Zonal Ave, IRD
Los Angeles, CA 90033
Phone: (323) 226-4942
Fax: (323) 226-2777


Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute

Keck School of Medicine of USC
1502 San Pablo Street
ZNI 101, MC 2821
Los Angeles, CA 90089-2821
Phone: (323) 442-2144
Fax: (323) 442-2145
Email: zni@usc.edu
Website: www.usc.edu/zni


Geriatric Studies Center

Keck School of Medicine
Health Consultation Center
1975 Zonal Aveue, KAM 400
Los Angeles, CA 90033
Phone: (323) 442-3715
Fax: (323) 442-3717
Email: gsc@usc.edu


Laboratory of Vertebrate Functional Brain Mapping

University of Southern California
Keck School of Medicine
Dept. of Cell and Neurobiology
1333 San Pablo St., BMT 403, MC 9112
McKibben Annex, MCA-B1
Los Angeles, CA 90089-9112

Office (323)442-1536 Lab (323)442-1585 Lab (323)442-1536
Fax (323)442-1587





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