University of Southern California


Organization of the Student Health Services

The student health center is organized as part of the USC Care – The Doctors of USC, giving it access to resources and the multi-specialty medical group.

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Steering Committee

The purpose of this committee will be to review the annual budget and monitor performance to budget throughout the year. The other key function of the group will be to monitor the overall operation of the program and, most importantly, student satisfaction with the service. This group will meet quarterly with the Dean of the Keck School of Medicine to review operation of the program.

The Steering Committee, of Financial Year 2012, consists of the following members:

Dana Habers, Convener
Administrator, ECSHC / COO, USC Care
Glen Ault, M.D.
Associate Dean, LAC, KSOM
John Irvine, M.D.
Donna Elliot, M.D.
Associate Dean, Student Affairs, KSOM
Jerry Gates, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Family Medicine
Larry Neinstein, M.D.
Director, UPC Student Health Center
Kimberly Tilley, M.D.
Medical Director, ECSHC
Brad Meir, Ph.D.
Director of Counseling, ECSHC
Janene White
Administrator, Educational Affairs, KSOM
Chris Dahl
Student, Physical Therapy
Irene Printzian
Student, Nurse Anesthesia
Amber Bennett
Student, Occupational Therapy
Daniel Kudryashov
Student, Pharmacy
Brittany Wagman
Medical Student, KSOM
Liam Harris
Medical Student, KSOM
Beth Swift-Taylor
Medical Student, KSOM
Lauren Rosenberg
Medical Student KSOM
Randie Minovitz
Director, USC Care Risk Management
Catherine Felix
Clinic Manager, ECSHC
Vejas Skipkus, MD
Staff Physician, ECSHC
Katy Sullivan
Program Manager, ECSHC


A key feature of the program is the creation of an ombudsman position to hear the complaints or concerns of the students. Raquel Arias, M.D. (Ob/Gyn) and Ron Ben-Ari, M.D. (Internal Medicine) are the ombudsmen for this school year. The ombudsmen will have access to the Dean, Mr. Anderson and Dr. Larsen to resolve issues. In addition, students may go directly to these individuals.

Dr. Arias
(323) 442-2554
Dr. Ben-Ari
(323) 226-2111