University of Southern California

Primary Care

At Eric Cohen Student Health Center, your basic health care needs are met with our primary care services. Regular appointments can be scheduled with a primary care clinician or physician for services including:

During your primary care appointment, medical history and issues are assessed. You are referred to a specialist when needed

Students are provided with free unlimited primary care visits at the health center. These visits are covered by the student health center fee that is charged to the students account every semester. Simply call or go online to make an appointment.

Our Primary Care physicians are as follows:

There may be occasional variation to cover for staff on vacation. Please call the Student Health Receptionist (323-442-5631), for information in planning your visit to Student Health Center.

In an attempt to become environmentally friendly and fully integrate our electronic medical record, we have implemented our surveys to be filled out on your MySHR via iPads in the waiting room.
All of our patients, both counseling and medical, will have the opportunity to fill out surveys on the iPad. Although all of our surveys are not electronic at this moment, we hope to reduce the amount of paper surveys as soon as possible.
Most of these surveys are not mandatory but are helpful to the physicians. If you feel uncomfortable taking these surveys on the iPad, you can either fill them out on your smart phone once you have been checked in, request to take your survey in the exam room [medical visits], or inform one of the medical assistants that you would prefer not to take the survey.
Please remember these surveys are confidential and are in place to help our medical staff better serve you.