University of Southern California

Tuberculosis Screening Requirements

All HSC students in one of the following departments: Medicine, Pharmacy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Nurse Anesthetist and Physician Assistants will be screened for tuberculosis. This should include a PPD skin test within two months prior to enrollment and every April, thereafter. All PPD’s MUST be done within 364 days of the last PPD. New incoming students are required to document their PPD status. If there is a history of a Positive PPD, the student has ever received the BCG vaccine, or the student was born outside of the U.S., an IGRA test (Quanteferon Gold, TSpot) is mandatory.

Who is required to meet the USC Tuberculosis Screening Regulation?

The ECSHC will administer the tuberculin skin testing (PPD) to:

The ECSHC will administer the IGRA test (Tspot) for:

The ECSHC will order a Chest X-Ray for:

How often is TB testing required:

Continuing Students

ALL students will have their TB Screening test completed during the month of April. The Eric Cohen Student Health Center and your department will arrange the dates and times for the testing. You will be notified by your department with the exact date and time via email.

If you are unable to attend the arranged time and date that is set for your class, you MUST make an appointment at the ECSHC through MySHR. PPD testing cannot be scheduled on any Thursdays. IGRA testing must be scheduled before 3pm on any day.

IGRA test (Quanteferon Gold, Tspot)

If you have had a positive TB skin test in the past, and/or have had the BCG vaccine , you will be required to have an IGRA test (Quanteferon Gold, Tspot) annually. There will be a $46.00 fee for this test.