University of Southern California

Travel Clinic

At the USC International Travel Health Clinic, we strive to provide exemplary service to our patients. Each travel health visit is individualized and includes a comprehensive and thorough health and travel advisory consultation tailored to each itinerary, all necessary travel and routine immunizations, medications, and over-the-counter travel products. During a travel health visit, your itinerary and medical history including medications and immunizations are assessed to determine the need for a particular vaccine.

Thinking of traveling to Ghana for some work in a medical clinic? What about volunteering at orphanages in Uganda? Are you finally planning that pleasure trip through Brazil? How about spending Spring Break in Thailand? If international travel is a part of your future, then it would be wise to visit the USC International Travel Health Clinic before you leave!

The travel consults are tailored to each individual. Each traveler receives a booklet customized to the country and cities to be visited, the purpose of their trip, as well as details of their itinerary, such as possibly visiting family and friends, ascending to high altitudes, or providing volunteer work in rural medical clinics or schools. Every component of your trip will be taken into account to ensure a complete and comprehensive consultation. In one visit, travelers can get all of the immunizations, medications, and advice they need to have a safe, fun, and hassle free trip!

The travel health consultation fee for USC students is included as a part of the mandatory student health fee, so the only cost to students will be the necessary immunizations and medications.

Remember to make your appointment at least 4 weeks before you travel so you have adequate time to complete vaccinations prior to your departure.

Call the Eric Cohen Student Health Center at 323-442-5631 to schedule a travel appointment with Dr. Mirzaian