University of Southern California

Student Health Center Fee

All students are required to pay the Student Health Center Fee which covers most primary care services provided at the Eric Cohen Student Health Center. This fee covers most services, however, there may be nominal fees for some including laboratory tests, immunizations, copies of x-rays and copies of medical records. Please see the Price List for additional fees.

The student health fee does not cover services provided outside the student health center particularly in an emergency situation where hospitalization may be required. For this reason, USC requires all students to have a comprehensive health insurance plan. Please note that the student health fee doesn’t pay for health insurance. Insurance is a separate cost.

For the Fall and Spring Semesters, the Student Health Center Fee is automatically added to your student account with the University. Any students taking classes at the health science campus are assigned to be seen at the Eric Cohen Student Health Center. If a student is taking classes at both the University Park campus and the Health Science Campus, their assigned health center will be at the location where the majority of their credits are registered.

For the Summer Semester, students who are registered for summer classes are automatically charged the student health center fee and are allowed to be seen at the Eric Cohen Student Health Center during the period their class is in session. Students who would like to be seen at the student health center without being registered for classes may come to the center and register for summer student health usage. The fee will be charged to their student account. All medical students are automatically charged a summer student health fee in their fall tuition.

Cost Per Semester
Fall 2013: $262
Spring 2014: $262
Summer 2014: ~$216