Following is a sample script that could be used for the first newscast of the game. It may also serve as an outline for future newscasts. Along with the general news that is in the broadcast, you might also include interviews with members of the APEX community and an editorial made by either a member of the News Media or the community.



IT'S TIME FOR THE KAPX NEWS WITH _______________________,
                                  name of NEWSCASTER A

________________________, AND ______________________ REPORTING.
 name of NEWSCASTER B          name of NEWSCASTER C


Good Day

Today's top stories:
    New politicians take office in APEX...
    The question of a new county hospital for APEX arises...
    And _________________ has a special report on rising taxes.


Apex has a brand new group of elected officials this year.
Taking office in the Apex City Council, are:
_______________________ Representing Ward 1
_______________________ Representing Ward 2 and
_______________________ Representing Ward 3.
At the Apex County Board of Supervisors, the new members sworn 
in are:
_______________________ Representing the Suburb
_______________________ Representing Township 1
_______________________ Representing Township 2
_______________________ Representing the City and
_______________________ Representing the County at large.
KAPX will be continually monitoring the performance of our new 
officials and reporting their actions or inaction to the 


The citizens in Township 1 have threatened to go to the state court
to get an injunction against the open garbage dump in 
Analysis Area 26. Local citizens contend that the county politicians
have neglected the area and their responsibility in upgrading the 
county's environmental health.

On a similar note, 45 junior high school students were sent home 
today because of obnoxious odors from Caesar's rendering plant.  
School officials and parents have demanded action be taken by 
the county politicians in stopping this and other air pollution 
problems in APEX.


One of the most pressing matters before the county board is that 
of the county hospital.  County hospital has been expanded and 
modernized three times since its original construction in 1912.  
It currently occupies 19 acres in analysis area 7 and has 362 
beds.  Reports of overcrowding and lack of modern equipment 
persist.  The state has threatened the county hospital with 
loss of accreditation if it does not begin to completely revamp 
its facilities within this year.  Everyone agrees this would be 
very bad for our community.  The hospital administration has been 
requested to prepare a complete report of its services and needs 
to present to the board.  


A long-time issue in APEX is that of the junior college.  For many
years the community college has operated out of high schools and 
community centers.  With the recent increase in demand for adult 
education, the college administrators have begun to push for a 
centralized new campus.  Estimates of cost range from 1.5 million 
to 2 million dollars.  Both the city council and county boards 
have shown interest in the past.  It remains to be seen if our 
new politicians will cause the new campus to become a reality.
And now, _______________________ with a special report on taxes 
           NEWSCASTER C
in APEX.


At a recent community meeting, people complained that taxes have 
been rising steadily in APEX county.  Members of two neighborhood 
associations have met with county politicians to explain the 
problem, yet nothing happens.  One irate citizen said that 
possibly one reason so many INCUMBENTS in the last election were 
defeated was that citizens are angry about increased government 
taxes with little increase in government services.  The local 
APEX Taxpayer's Association is continuing its drive to build 
responsibility into our local APEX government.

I don't know what the end result will be, but I did talk with 
a lot of angry people in APEX county.


In other local news, the city bus line is in trouble again, as 
long-time residents may remember, the city government has 
subsidized the privately-owned bus line for the last five years.  
The current agreement has ended and once again the bus line 
owners are asking for money from the city councils; this time 
$200,000 each year.  The company's manager said "The bus company 
would have to shut down without the subsidy." 


Outgoing APEX Councilman McGinty said today that the city is in 
good shape.  In his final press conference, he indicated that 
the local economy was strong, the sewer-street and water systems 
are in good repair, and the capital PROJECTS, begun during his 
time in office, will be completed soon.  When reporters asked 
what his plans are now that he's out of office, McGinty indicated 
his retirement will be spent in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


The county welfare rolls grew again this last month.  Two hundred 
more applications for funds were received by the APEX county 
welfare department.  The commissioner stated that the increase 
was due to closing of strawberry-picking season.  The welfare 
department is asking for a 20% increase in its budget this year.
....Coming up next on KAPX:
Boxey container corporation may locate in APEX county.
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An opportunity to help alleviate part of our unemployment problem 
was announced today by the regional headquarters of the Boxey 
container corporation.  A new Boxey factory is proposed for APEX 
county.  The spokesman announced that the plant would employ 220 
persons and add approximately 1 million dollars to the county's 
tax base.  Boxey requests 20,000 dollars in sewer system upgrading
by the politicians and an INVESTMENT of good faith by the business 


Crime is up in Township 2.  At the county hospital today, Carol 
Sherbrook, a local resident, claimed she was accosted, she screamed 
for help, but by the time police arrived, it was too late.  She is 
reported to be in fair condition.  The police have continued their 
investigation, but the reporter feels that the situation will not 
be solved until concerned citizens talk to their politicians to 
get some action.  When asked about this disturbing situation, the 
Sheriff indicated that a new Sheriff station in Township 2 is a 
That's the KAPX news for tonight, this is  
_______________________,  _____________________, and

__________________ hoping your news is good news.


Stay tuned for a KAPX editorial by ___________________ on 
                                    NEWSCASTER C

a vital issue of concern to APEX county.


Problems have always accompanied progress, we make great strides 
in our technology but at the same time, we often let loose forces 
which, if uncontrolled could destroy us and all our works.

But it doesn't have to happen that way.  The same mental process 
which created the unintended side effects of progress can-and 
must-clean up and control those undesirable by-products.

We created automobiles, launching an era giving us the greatest 
mobility for people and goods the world has ever seen.  At the 
same time, so successful and so desirable does this form of 
mobility become, that everybody wants it.  This throws an 
ever-increasing burden upon our streets and highways.

To ease this burden we start building a modern system of safer and 
higher-speed roads and freeways and introduce more efficient 
traffic control methods.  This, in turn, creates a problem.  

The cost is great, so the gasoline tax and other means of raising 
revenues are developed and, by law, earmarked specifically for 
these vital purposes.  

As cities become larger and more complex, and as industry and 
automobiles increase to take care of man's growing needs, our 
standard of living is raised.  At the same time, however, a new 
monster - smog - is created.  Has industry removed enough of its 
noxious fumes from out atmosphere?  And can we, facing a longer, 
more difficult fight with the automobile make good progress in 
cleaning up out air?  These are questions that we, the citizens 
of APEX must answer over the next few years.


KAPX recognizes its obligation to present differing viewpoints, 
if there are any, please contact us.