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The Alameda Corridor: A White PaperThe Alameda Corridor: A White Paper

June, 2004

Ajay Agarwal
Genevieve Giuliano
Christian Redfearn
School of Policy, Planning and Development
University of Southern California


The Alameda Corridor began modestly as a low budget planning study in the early 1980s in
response to anticipated rapid growth of trade through the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.
That planning study later evolved into one of the largest public works projects in the United
States - a $2.4 billion intermodal rail corridor. Construction of the corridor began in April 1997
and revenue operations commenced in April 2002. It is one of the few infrastructure megaprojects
in recent years that has opened on time and within budget. The Alameda Corridor is a
potential model of private-public partnership and innovative financing that may offer insights as
to how large-scale infrastructure projects could be executed in the future. The questions of
whether operating expectations have been met and whether the Alameda Corridor can or should
be replicated elsewhere are the subject of this conference.